Battlefield 2042 Recommended Portal Server Introduction! Is the practice area or zombie, that locker or Talkov reproduction?

A rental server that allows the player to create a community game. In the conventional series, the items that can be paid, or configurable items have been limited, but the contents of the latest work Battlefield 2042 have greatly changed in Battlefield Portal. Server rental fee is free for the previous work. Furthermore, with regard to the degree of freedom of the customization setting, it is exactly what it can say sandbox.

So, in this paper, we introduce a number of unique portal servers created by the user. We will deliver six elections to what the idea is shining from the reproduction system!

Aim for practicing a good shooting training

Drawing area that could practice weapons and vehicles that were implemented in the previous work, unfortunately, it is not implemented. Therefore, this server was created by Japanese users’s. You can participate in the Experience Code G2C.

Multiple AI soldiers are placed in the map, and shooting can check the damage numbers. In addition, since the distance can be measured from AI soldiers arranged in front of the Respond point, it is convenient for confirmation of damaging attenuation.

Besides, a range for AI soldiers and snipers moving at a sprint speed is also available, so it is a perfect server for sensitivity adjustment and practice. The placement of vehicles is that the current portal can not be specified.

Use wing suit!

Next, it is a practice portal server. Wing suits that can only be used by specialist sanding are powerful and one-handed while its handling is. So the server created by Andy Behan, an overseas user, is Andy’s Wing suit Trainer. The Experience Code is AAJ 99.

On this server, you can spawn from the Bill Rooftop of Salado Scope, and practice wing suit behavior from high. If this is the only thing, it can be a solo converge, but the point to note is that route is specified in the air. Checkpoint is updated when passing the ring made by AI soldiers. It will be a goal if you control the wing suit in the air well and pass through all the rings.

Also, if you choose a fall death or re-attraction, you can start from the building roof at any time. Since the individual’s best-time and the world record are also displayed, how do you try to challenge the wing suit master?

Reproduce that Talk ?

In the traditional Battlefield series, it has boasted a strong popularity of the hardcore server. Hardcore server is a server that is fulled fire to allies, without all HUD’s such as physical strength, map, equipment, etc.

Number of hardcore servers in rushes and contours are numerous, and this time is a server that mimics the Hardcore FPS representative Escape from Markov. Game mode is a free folder, and all soldiers on the map are enemies. Enemy NPC SCAN of Talk is substituted by AI soldiers. In addition, TT (time to defeat the enemy) and the headshot magnification are also increasing, and the gap for an instant is lifetime. The trailing on vehicles is also limited, and you can enjoy a battle with infantry-only.

Multiple portal Markov servers are made and can be searched for search words Markov. Unfortunately, it seems that factors such as item routes and escapements seem to be implemented at this time, but how are you going to participate?

Locker and Metro are here

Speaking of the popular map of past work, Operation Locker and Operation Metro are mentioned. These maps are mainly indoor combat, and it is characterized by the fact that a strained gunfight is likely to occur due to narrow passages and one base.

It is a map where remake is also expected in this work, but a portal server LOCKER 2042 that can be enjoyed by the atmosphere as much as possible. The Experience Code is AAQ SHF. Locker 2042 is a team death match with only the cargo ship of the map Manifest. The number of players is set to 64 people, and a fierce battle is unfolded.

When the game started, he res pan on a cargo ship and went out of the outboard and died in 5 seconds. There is also a high degree of altitude limitation, and the same action occurs when climbing on the container etc. As the killed rate is always displayed in the upper right of the screen, it is a recommended server for those who like pure shooting.

12 10 survivors vs zombies 116 people

That zombie mode came to the Battlefield Portal. You can enjoy asymmetrical combat divided into the survivors and zombies.

Many zombie servers have a rush mode, and the survivors are to operate the bombs of each base. The zombie side is sealed with equipment other than nearby weapons, but the sprint speed and close weapons power is increasing, and the survivors are attacked by ferocious zombie movements.

Some zombie servers are killed by zombies once they are infected, and they move to the zombie side. The survivor side wins if it survives time limit. On the other hand, the zombie side is the goal that all survivors are infected. When searching, it is recommended to search by words such as Zombie and Infect. If you host your own server and password, you can enjoy it as a complete EVE.

LEG Snowy Santa Claus vs Crazy Knife Elf

Lastly, it is the official portal Attack of the Elf held on the theme of the Christmas season.

On this server, we compete for the sort and elves as well as the zombie mode introduced earlier. Santa side weapons are only colored with Christmas colors LEG. The weapon on the elf side is only a lollipop knife, but a trapping hook can also be used. The elf side starts from one person, but if you defeat Santa, the Santa will regulate as an elf.

Santa wins 50 elves 50 times. Elves are victory conditions to defeat all Santa.

The portal server introduced this time is still a few. Depending on the user’s ideas, various servers have appeared, and we will continue to pay attention to that trend. If you want to build a server yourself, anyone can create anyone from the official site. Please see this article that you previously posted how to find the server.

~ ~ ¥7,118 ~ → ¥3,914



~~ ¥9,700 ~ → ¥4,365


ZOMBIE OUTBREAK MODE in Battlefield 2042 Portal!


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