The best Call of Duty is now 14 years old (Column)

Perks, Kill-Streaks, class editor — today all a matter of course in Call of Duty. The foundation for these mechanics was 14 years ago Modern Warfare — the best part of the series in my eyes. Already the film-reactive campaign set new standards, but the multiplayer mode was a class for itself. Because none of the successors could reach him the water.

Call of Duty 4 was somehow horny

On 5 November 2007 appeared Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and at that time moved both the press and the players in his spell. Already the metascore of 92 points and the user score of 8.5 impressively demonstrates that developer Infinity Ward has done almost everything right.

This day is more than 14 years back. In the meantime, the series has long exceeded its zenith, critics and fans agree — and I have given COD the idle pass before felt eternity. Because although I try to get warm every year to get warm with the current part, a more nagging thought in my head is already wide after a few hours: Call of Duty 4 was somehow horny.

And as it was that! I still also remember how my friends and I put our first little LAN party on their own. The only game we all had on the calculator at that time: Cod 4: Modern Warfare. Almost 24 hours, we went to Lump nonstop on Crossfire, took us on Bloc with the sniper rifle on the grain or coated each other because it had actually dared someone to assemble a grenade launcher at his M4. It was the absolute madness!

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The game had pulled me completely in his spell — and it still does it today. For in my eyes, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the last offshoot of the shooter series, who managed to connect all ingredients so sent that there was little need for improvement. Granted, eliminator, martyrdom and the already mentioned grenade launchers could be able to clamp myself in my opinion, but otherwise I love almost all facets of the multiplayer.

Bock on a small nostalgiotrip? Then ship a look into the official trailer of Cod 4:

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Less bullshit, more control

The cards were varied and clear, the weapons almost all their advantages and disadvantages — apart from the mini-Uzi, which was just garbage — and especially in the movement I always had the feeling, my player at any time completely under control to have. Drop shots went over in meat and blood, grenades that enforced opponents directly at the spawn could be thrown out quasi blind and even the most hides camper spots were automatically reputed.

A short round TDM on Crossfire always ensures me a good mood. And only very rarely it happened that I was blaming the game to my digital demise — because there was no reason for quite considering. No weapon was so strong that I was fooling myself when an opponent brought me in direct duel over the pile, barely a Perk was so abundant that I rolled his eyes inwardly when I pulled the shorter.

And that’s exactly what makes me the current parts of the call-of-duty series so Madig: The ongoing bullshit, the lack of control. In War zone I never feel like to be able to be the situation. Maybe that may be because my reflections over time have lost something and on the huge battle-royale card about ten times as many players as at that time in multiplayer from Cod 4 — but I think you know what I want out.

Often I have the feeling that not my inability is a reason for my failure, but a miserable server performance, overpower weapons or players, who thanks to any bugs under the Map Glitches and then take me through the complete game world.

And that’s exactly how a nonsense did not exist in Modern Warfare — by far the best Call of Duty. And the more I think about it, the more desire I just get to play the good old COD 4 on my PC again. Whether the servers are still online? Best, I’ll look straight to…

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