The Breakdown of Visual Effects of The Witcher season 2 highlights how their monsters were made

Now that Netflix The Bruno was launched Season 2, the transmission platform has been sharing odds and endings with content behind the scene, as eliminated scenes, etc., to give the public a better idea of ​​how everything was united and how much work made. That. The last promotional material is a video that analyzes the visual effects necessary to create the monsters in the new season and, as is usual in this kind of thing, it is amazing to see how far the people who work in the program are the images of the actors in a hurry. Around in green stockings and a foam head to the final product.

WARNING: There are Spoilers for The Bruno Season 2 below.

The breakdown, which you can consult below, starts with Levelled of Kristopher Hindu, but quickly, and to a large extent, focuses on the Great Fight against Basilisks near the end of the season. It is still fascinating to see how the images of the physical actors are combined, the substitutes that use spandex and the digital creatures.

In general, the first eight episode seasons of Netflix The Bruno is now available at Netflix, as well as in the second season of eight episodes as of December 17. Netflix also previously announced The Bruno Season 3 as well as some kind of show for children and families. Having the Bruno, a special documentary, is also available to transmit in Netflix. The first season of The Witcher: A look inside the episodes is also available to transmit on the platform now. And finally, but not least, the anime movie. The Witcher: Lobe’s nightmare is now also available.

Lauren S. Hiss rich serves as Showrunner at The Bruno. She is starring Henry Cavils as Gerald de Rivia, Anya Charlotte as Jennifer, Freya Allan as Cirri and Joey Data as Easier. The new cast members of season 2 include Kim Bosnia ( mate to Eva ) as Semi, Yaren Tour ( Allende young ) as Coin, Agnes Bjorn as Verbena, Paul Bullion ( Peaky Blinders ) as Lambert, Basil Eisenberg as Asked, Aisha FABIENNE ROSS ( The Danish Girl ) as Lydia, Bristol Hindu ( Game of Thrones ) as Levelled and Media Simon as Francesca, among others. You can check all our previous Netflix coverage The Bruno right here.

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