GTA Online: Player tricks gambling trail and attracts main profit

A player has had a giant portion in GTA online and immediately at his very first attempt took the main win in the Diamond Casino — he first had to deal with a regional lock to participate in gambling at all.

To clear in the Diamond Casino in GTA online, you have to be real happiness — after all, the chance of winning is only 5 percent. Nevertheless, a player has drawn the big lot at his first visit, although his country has actually forbidden the GTA casino. He reports on Reddit from his luck.

GTA Online: Main profit at the first casino visit

Reddit User Gaming Nation 2007 has removed the main profit immediately on his first visit to the Diamond Casino in GTA Online — a pink vapid slam truck.

Particularly noteworthy is that Gaming Nation 2007 was able to use the casino in GTA online only because he had previously registered with a VPN in the game — because the gambling feature is prohibited in his country and, for this reason, normally not available.

Look at the post office on Reddit here:

Commentators on Reddit congratulate the player despite or just because of the VPN proximity to his loan back — such as users Bartjojo420 writes: I am pleased that you broke the rules and also won the podium car!

There is even less weight that the pink and somewhat getting used to-designed Slam truck does not even correspond to the taste of the winner.

Gambling in Grand Theft car forbidden in many countries


According to own information, User Gaming Nation in 2007 lives in the United Arab Emirates. Online gambling is banned there as well as in numerous other countries. For example, in China, South Africa and South Korea players can also not access the GTA casino if they do not use VPN that encrypts their whereabouts.

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A GTA online player has cleared the main profit for his first visit to the Diamond Casino: a pink vapid slam truck. In order to be able to turn on the fortune wheel, however, he had to switch a VPN before.

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