[CES 2022] Han Jong-hee Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman LG and OLED cooperation is open

A vice head of state likewise said, The supervisor will certainly be a mini LED, and after that the Neo LED will certainly be worked out, he stated.

Samsung Electronics presentó su visión “juntos para el mañana” en el CES 2022
It is expected to enhance productivity due to factory growth. A vice chairman said, The cost of the Micro LED was lowered to a quarter of four-thirds contrasted to the very first Wall TELEVISION, he stated, he altered the brought about a laser manner, he altered the LED as a laser fashion. When transforming in a manner to take, the production expense will be down.

Han Pongee Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman (DX) claimed that the LG Display (OLED) TV releases the OLED panel of the LG screen on the Ra’s Vegas Caesars Palace Hotel on the 5th (regional time).

Samsung Electronics stated it is presently undergoing a lack of Micro LED manufacturing.

Presently, the LG Show’s LCD (LCD) is bought, he stated, he claimed, It is not an idea of I do not acquire I do not have a concept, I am not a concept. I can not talk much at the time, yet it will be clear if it’s clear, I will be exposed if I utilize LG OLED. Samsung Electronic devices leads the very first CD present television in the very first fifty percent of this year.

A vice chairman claimed, If a brand-new television using the Quantum Dot (CD) display screen of the Samsung Show is not divulged in this CES, I will not be disclosed in CES, and also I will certainly not originate from this exhibition, as well as If quantity is secured, I responded to.

A vice chairman claimed, The expense of the Micro LED was decreased to a quarter of four-thirds compared to the first Wall surface TV, he said, he changed the LED to a laser way, he altered the LED as a laser manner. When altering in a means to take, the manufacturing expense will certainly be down.

Samsung Electronics is in advance of the very first CD show Television in the first half of this year.

Samsung Electronic devices has actually been supplying ‘micro LED’ as well as ‘Neo LED’ on superior TV until now. When the CD screen TV is released this year, the exceptional television lineup will certainly be branched out.

Micro LEDs are just generated in a location where Micro LEDs are situated in a Vietnamese manufacturing facility, as well as the production and also supply were not smooth as technology transfer was postponed, and the manufacturing and supply were not smooth, which is currently supplied with B2B I included.

In 2014, when the finished Mexican plant and also the currently finished Slovakian manufacturing facility are completed in May, the mini LED production will be substantially raised, he stated, he stated, he claimed, B2B will support B2B and sustain the remaining taxicab B2C. Samsung Electronic devices leads 89-inch mini LED television launched this year.

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