Monster Hunter Rise is successfully launched on PC, although away from MH World numbers in Steam

PC players love Saga Monster Hunter. The best example of this we had it in 2018 when it came to computer, several months after its original premiere, Monster Hunter: World , reaching peaks of more than 330,000 simultaneous users. With these numbers, a new success was expected with Monster Hunter Rise, and so it has been even if there is something far from the last installment of the series.

The Adventure of Action and Multiplayer Hunting of Cap com had a peak of activity of 90,773 users , which allows it to be placed between the 10 video games in Steam. At this morning average more than 70,000 users, on the line to beat your record. The launch of Monster Hunter: RISE has also benefited World, which has seen its data improve these last weeks.


Returning to MH: Rise, Video Game Sales Reached Last Autumn More than 7.5 million copies being only available in Nintendo Switch, so these simultaneous users’ peaks are clear that the last development of Cap com is perfectly trained to market more than 10 million units . Will it get it before turning a year since its launch?

If you are concerned to know more about whether you are up to or not this adaptation, you can read for the analysis of Monster Hunter: Rise on the PC 3D game pages, which said in your final lines: Honor your name, The game feels agile, released ; a fantastic gameplay that moves to the handling of weapons with total expertise. The PC version proves to have understood what the basic needs of your community are, although you do not know how to go beyond that.

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