Monster Hunter Rise on PS4, PS5, PC & Xbox – gets a release?

It is the 6th mainline installation in the Monster Hunter collection and also was launched worldwide in March 2021. An expansion, Monster Hunter Rise Sun break is set up for launch in mid-2022.
Rise follows many of the brand-new conventions established in World while also introducing brand-new features and also technicians, including a new animal buddy called a Malamute that can be utilized to ride throughout the map or right into battle, and also using Firebugs to install and also pass through the globe as well as ride certain beasts. The game received generally favorable evaluations upon launch with movie critics commending the gameplay as well as its growth of the technicians introduced in World. It has delivered greater than 7.5 million copies worldwide because launch, making it the 2nd very successful game in the collection.

In this guide to Monster Hunter Rise you will learn:

  • For which platforms except the switch the game should appear
  • Whether a PlayStation Release is pending
  • How it looks with a publication on the Xbox

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Monster Hunter Rise: Switch Exclusive — but not forever

After Monster Hunter World, which has appeared for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Cap com published the new part of the popular Action Role play Series for the Switch. And for now for this: Since March 26, 2022, Monster Hunter Rise is playable exclusively on the Nintendo console. After the announcement, it was initially unclear for a long time whether the exclusivity will remain permanent. Meanwhile, we know: she will not.

Monster Hunter Rise: PC-Release is here

In February 2021, Cap com was surprisingly announced from the magazine Destructed that Monster Hunter Rise will also come to the PC. Now the time has come: Since January 13, 2022, Monster Hunter Rise is playable via Steam .

With the delayed PC release, Monster Hunter Rise enters the footsteps of Monster Hunter World: The predecessor also first appeared for consoles and a good year later for the PC. That had some disadvantages for Windows users, because many updates, events and patches they got clearly later than players on PS4 and Xbox. Whether Cap com has learned from it and the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is better with the switch version, must still show.

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Does Monster Hunter Rise on PS4, PS5 and Xbox?

Unfortunately, there is little encouraging information about a PlayStation or Xbox release of Monster Hunter Rise. No official announcement of versions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, no fixed release date, not even a leak, which would indicate a publication on the home consoles. After all, the announced PC port makes hope that the game was basically on the consoles and is not completely tailored to the weaker hardware of the Switch.

If a release on PlayStation and Xbox should come, Cap com is likely to port the PC version that will probably adjust the optics and performance of Monster Hunter Rise a bit to the higher computing power. We therefore expect at the earliest with an announcement when the PC version is finished — if anyone comes. The fact that Monster Hunter Rise just remains switch and windows exclusive is currently not excluded.

Monster Hunter Rise: Alternatives on PlayStation, Xbox & PC

If Monster Hunter Rise should not create it on PlayStation and XBOX, owners of the consoles still do not quite do without hunting for fat viewers. The best alternative, however, is one that monsters Hunter fans are already to know enough: Monster Hunter World.

The game published in 2017 is still a reference in monster hunting and offers massive contents that have been more extensive with the expansion Ice borne. Sure, who has already climbed all the ranks here and has designed all the beasts, can do little with this alternative. Who has become aware of the series for the first time with Monster Hunter Rise, but it can not play, Monster Hunter World should definitely try?

A similar hunting experience is otherwise Dauntless , the monster Hunter emulates openly. The free-to-play title is playable on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC and basically sets the same game principle as the monsters Hunter games: equips your character with strong weapons that all play differently, and goes alone or In the team hunting for mighty huge animals.

The over bound complexity of Monster Hunter is a little smeared here, the gameplay is a bit faster and more actionable, the optics colorful and cockchafer. Playful depth and nerve-wracking tension is in Dauntless but as well as in the great role model.

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