“Monster Hunter Rise” STeam version is “very popular” start. The number of simultaneous connection players is not exceeded “Monster Hunter: World”

Cap com delivered the PC (STEAM) version of Monster Winterization on January 13th. Then, looking at the situation where the day has passed, this work seems to be very popular.

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the popular hunting action games Monster Hunter series. In this work, the first 50-year disaster Ryukyu Night is approaching, and the player aims to overcome the disaster while growing as a hunter. Move to fly around or move exclusive techniques for each weapon, or manipulate monsters, maneuver manipulating monsters, and the OTO Mark, which can be moved on the back and offensive support Features. In addition to the series familiar monsters, unknown monsters with their own ecology will also appear.

This work has been launched with the Nintendo Switch version last March, and is the thermally ported to the PC. Examples of the element unique to the PC version include high resolution of textures, additional image quality adjustment function such as resolution setting, frame rate setting, and correspondence to keyboard and mouse operation. It is also a privilege of PC version only to play with 21: 9 ultra-wide displays.

In the STEAM version of the user review, 81% will be well-received at the time of writing this paper. Also in Media Review, the Metascore of the review integrated site Metacritic is 87 comparable to the Nintendo Switch version. It is a pattern that reflects the work that was originally evaluated and steadily implanted. On the other hand, looking at the number of players, about 99,000 peaks of the number of simultaneous connection players. It is said that it was a number that entered the top 10 across the STEAM.

By the way, in the STEAM version of Monster Hunter: World, the peak of the simultaneous number of simultaneous players immediately after delivery started (steam db). Compared to that, the numbers of monster hunter rising are somewhat felt even if they are not good enough. Both are expectations that the previous reputation was high in the preceding model..

Monster Hunter: World has had the topic that has first appeared in Steam as a series, so it may have been a result of calling more players. In addition, for monster hunter rising, although the release at STEAM has been renown from the early stages, the period until PC version delivery was longer than Monster Hunter: World. That did not have the flunk trends. In any case, as described above, monster hunter rising is not a bad number.

Monster Hunter Eighties is sold for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. In addition, delivery of super large extended content monster hunter rise: samurai is scheduled for this summer.

In the current PC version, the save does not complete successfully at the first start, and it seems that a problem that the game can not start is reported. Cap com is to investigate the cause, and invalidates the STEAM cloud as a measure for the time being and deleting the save data of the local file. Please check the notice of the store page for details.

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