Tier List of the best weapons – Monster Hunter Rise

Like any game of the series, Monster Hunter Rise has a range of weapons at your disposal. And if all are viable, they have their differences in gameplay to take into account. Here’s our list of the best tier weapons of Monster Hunter Rise, based on the time clean and easy to handle.

Above all, we must remember an important principle in Monster Hunter. There is no wrong weapon to speak in the game . But their need for training and adaptation vary in gameplay. Here, the weapons will be ranked by ease of handling and report time spent on the master / damage d1. And of course, any tier list is subjective, and change according to the affinities of each.

Tier list of the best weapons of Monster Hunter Rise

Tier List of weapons — Monster Hunter Rise

S |
Long Sword |
Fusarbalète lightweight |
Arc |
Hunting Horn

A |
Double Blades |
Sword and Shield |
heavy Fusarbalète |
Lance canon

Morphia |
Great Sword
B |
Volta |
Insectoglaive |
Lance |


The Tier weapons S are above the rest, often without asking too much training to best exploit their potential.

Long sword

The Long sword has almost everything that makes a good weapon. It is powerful, versatile, has good combos, and especially is extremely easy to handle. No need to be a veteran of the game to be effective.


light Fusarbalète

With its wide scope and high mobility, the lightweight Fusarbalète is a safe choice enough. The weapon has a wide range of ammunition, convenient to adapt your build to the type of monster faced, especially if you play in a supporting role (but not only). But above all, it is very easy to aim and dodge, making it shine in all fights.


A weapon once more moving and powerful, which allows you to be effective without putting yourself in danger. It will take some time to fully master the endurance management of the Arc, but it should be the matter of a few hours of play.

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn saw his greatly simplified gameplay in Monster Hunter Rise. With damage increased, it becomes viable solo. But in multi it will especially shine, as the melodies provide buffs to your entire team.

Tier A

The weapons Tier A are reliable in all circumstances and do not depend on the monster you face. They are a little less easy to handle than those in Tier S but still easily affordable.

double blades

If one were to do a ranking satisfactory weapon to play, double blades are certainly at the top. Very fast, a lot of damage combos that go in all directions. But especially a huge focus to carry on the management of endurance, which can scare beginners. It will not drive badly to get to exploit them fully.

Sword and shield

The same reasoning could be applied to the sword and shield. It is a versatile weapon, very mobile, which has access to good damage, and can adapt to just about everything. But it will master the chaining combos to be truly effective, and this will take time.

heavy Fusarbalète

Unlike its light version, heavy Fusarbalète sorely lacking mobility. He compensates with an arsenal of heavy ammunition, which give access to a lot of damage and the possibility of using all elements. It can also block and cons-attack, which proved vital when you have so little mobility. After the first contact past and assimilated mechanics, it is pleasant to play.

Lance canon

The Lance canon has a fairly simple gameplay. Few mobile but with tremendous reach, it can block anything and cons-attack with artillery. A little easier to use in this opus, especially with the movements allowed by the Filter should be good enough for beginners who take the time to acclimate to it.


The gameplay of the Morphia turns as the name suggests around transformations. That can switch between a sword and ax form, the weapon received boosts damage in this opus. The transitions have also been improved for easier handling. You have to learn when to use what form and skill, but these past few hours to warm up the weapon is pleasant.

Great Sword

No combos to master but a good length and considerable damage. This is the best summary we can do on the Great Sword. This will require a bit of timing management, but it is an easy weapon to handle.

Tier B

Weapons to avoid for beginners, who will have trouble exploiting them fully. They are not so bad, but just harder to play.


It’s beautiful, it’s a lot of damage, and it now has access to skills to help shape changes or have armor. But the Volta remains based on a complex chaining of combos, which will quickly be discouraging for a beginner. On the other hand, if you hang on, it will be one of the best weapons of the game.


A unique gameplay, which was buff on Monster Hunter Rise. Very good in the air combat, can easily reposition oneself, the insectoglaive shines with its mobility. And received a little boost at the damage. However, the weapon seems to be above all a niche. Either she’s right for you, and you have a good time, either you wonder what you’re doing there.


Do you like to play defensively? The spear is for you. Easy to take charge, you will quickly arrive at blocking enemy attacks. But it will take a lot of workouts to actually do damage, otherwise you will have just feeling stuck in Tanker while waiting for others to do the job for you. That’s why she is not recommended for neophytes.


On the paper, the hammer is quite sexy. Mobile, can quickly chain attacks, a little utility. The only problem is that its extension is ridiculous, and that it requires a lot of endurance management. It will therefore take the time to master it.

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