CALL OF DUTY 20222 could advance its launch

The Marshall Mather’s LP 2 is the eighth American rap artist studio CD Eminem, launched on November 5, 2013, by After mo Home Entertainment, Shady Records and also Interscope Records. It is a follow-up to the most acclaimed CD of Eminem of the year 2000, The Marshall Mather’s LP, the manufacturing took a recording lapse between 2012 and also 2013 and was in the hands of Eminem amongst various other manufacturers such as Rick Rubin, Luis Rest, Emile Wayne, and also Alex the Youngster. The album has the unique looks of Skylar Gray, Rihanna, SIA and the participant of Enjoyable, Nate Guess, as well as the only rap artist of the album, Kendrick Lamar.
The title of the CD was exposed during the ERAS 2013 on August 25 where it was likewise a sneak peek of the first solitary of the album, Berserk, which was released 2 days later on in the United States, reaching the position No. 3 in The Billboard Hot 100. The Monster, with the partnership of Rihanna, was launched as a single space on October 29, 2013, handling the lists in fifteen countries, including Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom and also the Hot 100 of The United States, selling up to August 22, approximately 2 200,000 copies in the United States and also 4,000,000 worldwide.
The CD has gotten favorable testimonials, highlighting Eminem’s rapes methods, and also the manufacturing political elections of it. It marked a better importance contrasted to the last CDs of it. At the end of the year, the album took care of to appear in the 1 setting of several listings named as the CD of the year.

It seems that the new Call of Duty for this year could be launched as soon as in October. Multiple Insiders have pointed out that the sequel for Modern Warfare would be officially revealed during the summer of 2022, and apparently, Activision wants to advance its launch due to the bad sales that had Call of Duty: Vanguard.

According to Tom Henderson , there is a high possibility that Activision and Infinity Ward reveal Modern Warfare 2 at some point of this summer. The really important thing is that Modern Warfare 2 would be launched in October 2022. Henderson declares that this is mainly due to the bad sales of Vanguard .

Another reliable filter also corroborated the information of Henderson :

Vanguard had very good sales during its launch month, but in the same way, it is reported that it sold up to 40% fewer units than the last deliveries of the franchise. It is certainly not a very good number especially for a saga that depends so much on your initial sales.

Editor’s note : I would not be surprised if Activision looks for a new strategy for the annual releases of Call of Duty. At this point, it seems that people are already tiring again from the series, and they will have to do something about it if they expect players to continue buying these titles year after year.

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