Monster Hunter Rise: Best Long Sword

Monster Hunter Rise is an industrialized activity duty play and released by Cap com for Nintendo Switch. It is the sixth major distribution of the Monster Hunter series after Monster Hunter: Globe as well as introduced around the world on March 26, 2022. A computer variation is being developed with a launch arranged for very early 2022. Surge Use the attributes as well as conventions presented at Monster Hunter: World.

With his recent PC publication, Monster Hunter Rise brought hundreds of new players in the monsters Hunter franchise. On newcomers, many hard struggles wait, and even veterans could struggle with some newly introduced monsters. Luckily, players can choose from a variety of different weapons; The game even starts with the long sword that may be the best weapon type can use the newcomers. The Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword is an incredibly versatile weapon with numerous options for different builds and play styles.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Builds for Low Rank

New players must keep track of their armaments’ abilities to improve the performance of the long water. Some of the best skills that can have a long sword are:

  • Fast vagina — Allows the long sword to perform certain attacks faster.
  • Critical look — Increases the affinity of the long dies.
  • Attack thrust — Increases the basic attack of the long dies.
  • Focus — fills the ghost indication of the long dysfunction faster than normal.

Complete armor sets with the most useful skills that can use Rises Long Sword include:

  • Hunter Set — contains the skills Quick Sheath and Attack Boost.
  • SUCH set — contains critical eye as well as other useful skills such as recreation speed and constitution.
  • Broth Set — Contains Skills Critical Eye and Quick Sheath.
  • Barracuda Set — Contains Critical Eye and other useful skills like Evade Window and Evade Extender.

Players should also deal with the mixing of armor parts from other sets. The bone spool , for example, is one of the few armor parts with low rank and focus as a craft.

It’s not just about defense; There are many languages ​​that can be made. While some early versions of the weapon can be made without fighting for a monster, players should try to produce the weapon Autosome Saber I As soon as you can, followed by the Hidden Saber I . These are among the best long-sleeves that they can get early, and their high-rank upgrades — especially those of the Hidden Sabre — will be invaluable if they face stronger enemies. Newcomers should also look at the difference between affinity and attack as well as hiding displayed armor parts.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch and on the PC. The PC version can be found exclusively on Steam, for a current price of 59.99 USD.

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