A modern warfare of the first day corrects the spawning

With the exit of Call of Duty: Modern war is a first day patch that seeks to solve spawning problems, balancing weapons and make changes to the user interface. Players can now appear in neutral vehicles, either allied from the appearance selection screen. The rifles and pistols have apparently attracted the most attention with the first day patch in the weapon balancing. The IU will be clearer instead of darker when players undergo damage. Activision’s Annual Call of Duty Title is released today with Modern Warfare available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.

Infinity Ward has solved a number of problems since the beta version of Modern Warfare and the team promises to improve this card after map. Ground War has been the most modified with the first day patch, Infinity Ward having added new fobs folding attacks if the flag has too many enemies, if all the flags are captured by one team, you will go to DEFCON To win, and they have improved security check for reproducing your team members. Infinity Ward also corrected a feat that allowed players to reproduce under the map, resulting in the frustration of many players.

Modern Warfare lighting has changed slightly from the first day patch, the characters being lit in dark areas on many cards. The enemy claymores now have larger and visible lasers, so fewer players wonder what cost them life. Angering a teammate near a friendly claymore could explode the claymore and provoke a suicide. So be careful when you re-evaluate your friends. Infinity Ward corrected an extreme case scenario with the appearance of enemies, resulting in frustration and loss of controllers. The hotfix of the first step adjusts the logic of appearance to improve the quality of appearance, which is a necessary change since the beta version. Infinity Ward has also added more spawns to increase the options offered to players.


Did you get the first day of Modern Warfare and is your copy fully corrected and installed? Have you been unable to play in the game online immediately after your launch or did you buy hardware? Let us know in the comments below!

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