Best Monster Hunter Rise Dango: Best Skills and Combinations

Food is an integral part of the monster Hunter experience, and Rise allows players to choose a combination of Mango to improve their skills during hunting. The Mango system is quite similar to the former food systems in earlier monsters Hunter games, but attaches great importance to give hunters the opportunity to choose their own unique skills. Some of them do not seem to be too useful, but there are some of them who can dramatically improve their hunting performance. Here’s all you need to know about Mango in Monster Hunter Rise, including a complete overview of all Mango types and the best to choose from.

How to turn new Mango types free


There are 47 unique types of Mango in Monster Hunter Rise. The initial Mango selection and the associated perks are initially limited, but they will increase the capabilities of the canteen and expand their Mango selection as they progress in the game and increase their hunter rank. At the beginning, most Mango skills are low, but they will unlock better over time.

How to save a Mango order

Once you have found your preferred Mango combination, you can save them to simply order them upon repeated visits in the canteen. Everything you need to do is to select when ordering Register to Set, and you can reorder this set by clicking in the canteen Assign the usual. You can pay with points or with Kenny, but Mango is still not too expensive.

Best Mango in Monster Hunter Rise

Of course, the best MANGO types to be ordered for everyone, depending on the style of play and target monsters, differ, but there are some who stand out as a simple choice when ordering from the others.

  • Best Nut: Sometimes reduces the damage suffered
  • Medical: Easily increases the health restoration of objects
  • embossing state: Increases temporary attack and defense after one-time intake
  • sharp: accelerates the sharpening of weapons
  • Rosy: Sometimes the number of times you can carve
  • Rosined’Eyre: reduces the time between the residuals of collection points

The best Mango increases its basic statistics and increases the speed of basic hunting activities, and most of them are lucky enough from the beginning. Some of them even have improved forms that improve their advantages, so they get even better with increasing hunter rank.

Rosy can be upgraded, for example, to triple rose by completing the 7-star hub quest a burned situation. It’s a quest that appears very late in the game, but has been updated Triple Rose Perk often increases the number of times you can carve, rather than sometimes increase.

The only Mango, which distinguishes from most other above, is Rosie of being , whereby collective points appear more frequently. This is a great Mango to collect runs and expeditions, especially if you combine it with other options like Leg Day, which reduces the endurance loss while running walls.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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