Trigon: Space Story

Crazy Game forge (Ion, Online Term, No stale, Game, Swords of Legends Online, etc.) Twisted towards Singles? Very likely.

Our favorite company from MMO became the publisher of Triton: Space Story — a new space game (reminiscent of FT: Faster Than Light) with Strict Single-Player Game. Although there are some elements of Multi, but only a marginal role.


In Game forge, we are primarily players. That’s how it all started for us from Game almost 20 years ago. We often set on to really fun independent titles that deserve to look for a closer look, and the Triton: Space Story was exactly from us from the very beginning

We hope that Triton will be the first of many other projects in cooperation with smaller studios with cool content and products whose stories should definitely be heard

Under these words, you can expect that in the future Game forge will take even more niche titles under their wings.

Prime Minister Triton: Space Story this year. However, you can download the demo on the steam and check the quality / playability of the game.


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