Where can I find Piercing Claw in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise (モンスター ハンターライズ, Monsutāhantāraizu) is a computer game established and modified by Cap com, launched March 26, 2022 on Nintendo Switch. A Microsoft Windows version is launched on January 12, 2022, An extension called Sun break is prepared for summer of 2022.

In Monster Hunter Rise. Players can use a wide selection of weapons, armor, cosmetics and tools that will make them all sure to become a hunter who is aware of their kind. Against this background, the impact and collect resources is an integral part of the monster Hunter experience as they need many materials to make their equipment both and improve. To help you get everything you need to unlock your ultimate build as soon as possible, you can use the piercing claw material here monster hunter rise .

Where can I find the Piercing Claw in Monster Hunter Rise?

Like many other items in Monster Hunter Rise, players piercing claws can get in different ways. The first is to kill and carve the remains of high-ranking arachnoids, broths, Dorcas, Jaguar and Inches, as they all have a chance to drop the subject. Against this background, we recommend that you go to the lava caves, as you can find many arachnoids, broths and troops in the area. For those who want to hunt the other monsters, you will find each of the monsters who drop the piercing claw material in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Arachnoid : to find both Sandy Plains and in Lava Caverns.

  • Judith : Can be found in flooded forests and in lava caves.

PROCTOR : Lava caves.
Jaguar : shrubs.
Learn : To find both the frost islands and in the shrubs.

To maximize your chances, to get the material, the hunt is recommended with a high-ranking gathering calico. You can also reward many quests with the material, but even if you discover a thing that does, everything is a matter of happiness.

Now that you know how to get the piercing claw, we will also advise you to view the best weapon for single players, the difference between affinity and attack, as well as the best low-rank long-speed builds for the early game.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and on the PC. The PC version of the title is available exclusively on Steam for $59.99 and Nguyen.

— This article was updated on 18 January 2022

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