“Monhan x USJ” I want you to taste all the hunters! New attraction “XR WALK” experience repo

From January 21, 2012, the new attraction Monster Hunter World: Icebourne XR Walk started at Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

In this attraction, Capcom’s popular hunting action game Monster Hunter World: Icebourne is realistically reproduced by USJ’s XR Technology, and the participants are hunters and vast fields in hand with weapons You can experience the action.

This time, we will deliver the experience report of Monster Hunter World: Icebourne XR Walk unfolded with such a latest technology!

Experience is a pre-booking and lightweight is recommended!

Monster Hunter World: Icebourne XR Walk can experience the USJ Hollywood area. In the park where the character of various works is lined up, the prominent character loses to the prominent character and the Otomoa Iru-kun who spans Urugu will meet.

In addition, since this attraction is a fully reserved premium event, the experience needs to purchase a paid dedicated ticket separately from the Studio Path (admission ticket) to USJ. For more information is here.

In the facility at a specified time. During attraction, you can use a dedicated device and experience the luggage to a dedicated locker before play. Luggage is as low as possible, and it is recommended to visit with easy-to-move clothes. Since the device that emits radio waves can not be used in the facility, do not forget to turn the smartphone in-flight mode or turn off the power.

First of all, hunter registration. Determine hunter names and appearance in a dedicated tablet and choose the weapon to use, a large sword, a sword, a hammer, slash up, and a heavy bogan. This time I chose a simple hammer, but as long as I listen to the explanation, Ax and Bowgun seem to be quite different, and it seems to be able to enjoy it by anyone who is experienced multiple times.

Well, this is a new rice hunter. If you have received a detailed explanation in the rally area of ​​ Seriena, he attacked the monster during the search, and the injured hunter has returned. Anything is still getting left behind. Suddenly, I will leave the snow and ice covered field with my senior hunter.

Reality that makes a lot of guards involuntarily

To the world of Monthan World ! In the experience area XR goggles and headphones, hand trackers are attached and carrying backpack PC. This equipment is a total of about 8 kg. There is something like that. These equippeds have achieved the XR Walk that can walk around the VR space that spreads 360 °.

I’m walking slowly in the way where senior hunters and guidance are helped, but this immersion was a bit shocking. The VR game is a good experience of playing, but again, it is difficult to walk by himself, and the reality is different, and if you go to a slightly unstable scaffold, it will be a healed enough. The sound and visuals are also powerful, and I was surprised and voiced many times.

When the story goes on, the weapon will be handed up and confronted with the monster, but this time we have entered the world of the heart to the bottom of the mind. Before the experience, I was an author who thought that I’m going to beat it with a hammer! However, I was just a little big motion and I had a guard posture. Even if you are a weapon that can not usually be guarded, this time there is a special specification that can be guarded by the help of Otomo.

It was a special experience that can enter the worldview of the game with about 25 minutes until the mission is completed and returned to the meeting place safely. During the attraction, it is possible to communicate with the members with VC, so after the experience, the mysterious bond seems to be after hunting in the game. Of course, it is no doubt that it will be exciting to experience a batch collaboration with your usual hunting companion.

After the end, you can check the attraction score and the hunter notebook from the QR code used when registering the hunter. Of course, you will be able to complete the perfect hunter notebook covering the search element in the way, as well as experience in various weapons!

Do not forget to do goods and hoods!

As mentioned above, the experience of Monster Hunter World: Icebourne XR WALK is over, but in the USJ park you can still enjoy the Monhan element!

First of all, limited goods. A large number of original goods unique to USJ, which motifs Monster Hunter World: Icebourne and Otomo Iru and the like. The number of limited goods ideal for souvenirs to the memorial and hunting companions is lineup, and the standard stuffed toy hat of the theme park is also perfect. If you want to emit presence in the park, it is recommended.

Furthermore, the Limited Hunter Hunter Food Cart is also sold. You can enjoy the Kodori Meat G that appears in the game and a Chulitos (peach taste) that imaged pet’s pulpy.

Churitos is a volume of snacks, but the meat G is literally G-grade size and is an overwhelming food response . In the game, it is a need for quests and quests, but in the park, it may not be possible to eat if it is not a time after the experience. It may take home. (I was separated after I brought it away)

Monster Hunter World: Icebourne XR Walk and related events will be held from January 21, 2022, 2022. The Hunter of the war who played Icebourne is a great power experience that can be enjoyed by a casual hunter who has the latest work and old work. Everyone is also USJ, let’s go hunting!

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