MSI, Gaming Monitor Monster Hunter Rise Game Code Presented!

MS ICI Co., Ltd. (Representative Agency) opens a popular game ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ game code presented for MSI gaming monitor purchasing customers.

From January 12, 2022 to February 11, the MSI Gaming Monitor is purchased and the MSI official website is provided on the MSI official homepage, and the Monster Hunter Rise PC game code equivalent to 66,000 won is provided at the completion of product registration and promotion applications.

On January 13, 2022, Capcom ‘s latest work of Capcom’s official launched,’ Monster Hunter ‘series,’ Monster Hunter Rise ‘PC version is developed as a background in the Kamura Village, which was developed by seasonal technology. Following the launch of a cumulative shipments after launching the Nintendo switch last year, after the execution of the cumulative shipments, the PC version has been achieved 8 million sheets of cumulative shipments around the world, and has proven hot popularity.


The MSI Optics MAG342CQR of the 34-type Uwqhd (3440 1440) panel, which is the advantage of the advantages of the field, ‘It is representative. 21: 9, the Ultra wide aspect ratio of 9, allows you to experience a panoramic view.
In addition, MSI Optics MPG321UR-QD, MSI Optics MPG321UR-QD ‘, MSI Optics MPG321QRF-QD’, MSI Optics MPG321UR-QD ‘, MSI Optics MPG321QRF-QD’, etc. do.

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