Pokemon Legends: Arceus already has first impressions in Japan

It is missing only one week for the launch of Pokémon Legends: Areas in Nintendo Switch, so that certain means in Japan had already had the opportunity to get your hands over this game. We will still have to wait for the game to receive an official rating here at West , but the initial reactions sound promising.

Fujitsu Stressed the new formula of this game, mentioning that it feels like something completely different to the rest of the franchise. In comments collected and translated by NGC , Japanese publication described the game as stimulating.

It is easy to say that this game is completely different from the previous ones. The first thing that impressed me was when I started playing, and I felt this stimulating feeling of moving around the world in an open field…

It feels great to be able to freely fly through the air, but especially seeing the Pokémon that are below you.

The game also received a few halos by 4Gamer , especially about the dynamic that the day and night cycle feels within Areas.

The Pokémon that appear in the game change depending on the time, and at night we saw Brighton and other Pokémon. One thing that was recorded was that Brighton was quite aggressive and attacked us as soon as he saw us. Even if we were not in a Pokémon fight, they still would attack us without mercy.

It really gives you this feeling about what the times were when the Pokémon and humans did not get along.

Pokémon Legends: Areas reaches Nintendo Switch on January 28.


Editor’s note: I think there was certain skepticism about Areas, since almost none of the trailers ended up convincing the community. It is good to know that the project is having positive reactions, and we will have to see how it goes in our region.

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