GTA Online Price from January 20: How to get Calico GTF

With the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners-Update added a new The Prize Ride Challenge feature, and this week players can earn the Karin Calico GTF for free as a Prize Ride vehicle from 20 January from GTA online. With the Prize Ride challenge, players have the opportunity every week to earn a brand-new ride for free by mastering certain challenges in the game.

A new week in the game has begun and with this weekly update you can use some huge discounts to a variety of vehicles and property upgrades. This article guides the players as they master the GTA online price challenge from January 20 to receive the Calico GTF.


GTA Online Price From January 20: How to get Calico GTF

As mentioned earlier, you need to do a specific quest to get free vehicles from GTA Online Prize Ride. In order to get the Calico GTF in GTA online, you must win every day in a Street Race Series every day (or place under the first two) to complete the Prize Ride Challenge. There are different breeds available, including:

  • Head to head
  • Gar angel
  • Time Trial
  • series road races
  • tracking series
  • Sprint

If you win the race on all five days in a row, you will receive the vehicle. Prize challenges usually take several days, so it is no surprise that the price challenge from January 20th is so long. You may want to complete the challenge as soon as possible as the players can receive this excellent vehicle only until January 27, 2022. The Calico GTF in GTA Online can introduce you in the game whopping $1,995,000, and if you had done it after keeping an eye on the vehicle, Rock star has heard its prayers as players can be obtained as a price of this week of one.

The Calico GTF is a two-door civilian sports car and was added to the game with the Los Santos Tuners update. According to the official description of the Calico GTF: Oh, the 90s. From a chaotic fusion of grunge, dial-up and third-wave feminism, the Karin Calico GTF, a car that took a bit of everything and made a bit of news: muscle heritage, rally-chops, Street racer credential. Looks like that as if it were time to drop the sticky VHS and dress hair, Home skillet: You have a little homework to do.

GTA V is available now and can be played on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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