Now 123 yen! Adult sexy puzzle sequel “Mirror 2: Project X” SCP-style world also wants to be a Succubus girl and a picture

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the game of the game as soon as possible.

This time, Kauai II Works developed, and Navico wants to deliver live content about Mirror 2: Project X that has started early access on January 21, 2022.


What is Mirror 2: Project X ?

This work is a work that is a sequel to the legendary sexy puzzle game Mirror that collects over 70,000 reviews at Steam The following is a sequel to the legendary sexy puzzle game Mirror.

The player is a researcher of Federal Research Protection Bureau commonly known as FBRP (Federal Bureau of Research and Protection) Protecting the Humanity A man Jingle Temple straight person that works with the mission to protect humanity, and the story progressed I will. The world view is such that it is reminiscent of SCP system, and This original object is a very fancy setting that appears more than one or more objects.

Graphics change significantly from the previous work. In the previous work, a character was drawn by a 2D illustration, but now, a variety of beautiful girls appear at high quality 3D graphics using Unreal Engine4.

I wonder if the 3D graphic’s scene and such a scene can be seen…… Niff and I would not be like an author who blessed my heart with expectations, R18 elements at this time There is none! Disappointing! According to the store page, the contents are that has not reached 5% of the full version.

Then, let’s play and check where it can be done up to 5%.

The system remains as it is to more null!

When you start the game, choose which character to play the chapter. However, you can not select the Rear story.

The stage of Chapter 1 is FBRP research facility. The main character Jingle Temple direct person is the mission to communicate directly to the recipient object BRA 1-12 with a girl’s appearance.

She said her name Rear. Although there is no danger to be set to Object Class 1 (SAFE in SCP), it has some kind of influence on male staff. And I moved to the preparation phase of the puzzle game when I thought that the visibility was distorted suddenly during the dialogue test by Naoto.

This is called a preparatory room, uses in puzzle games Recombination and purchase of skills and items, and enhance gems, respectively.

Well, I’m ready to be ready! Rules do not change to the previous work. The jewel to be a piece is Moves either up and down, or one square , so it’s a drag to replace the position, If you connect three or more of the same jewel, an attack will occur. The gems that were aligned as well as regular fall puzzle games disappear, and other gems fall according to gravity.

In addition, when more gems are connected, a bonus is generated. When the four gems are connected , the effect of two times is generated , and it is connected in the form of T or L. , Skill gems of that jewelry generation increase.

Furthermore, the extinguishing that includes the skill gems is the skilled skills with the gem. Let’s actively target because the number of triggers will increase by the number and shape.

Also, if you connect a five gems to one row, the effect will be activated four times, and powerful S gems are generated. S If you use a gem right-click, S skill will occur, and even if there is another S-jewel around , Chain explosion will occur, and the number of triggers increases. S Since the number of gems disappeared is also affected by clearing.

Long explanation is good, so I want to see the reward time earlier , there will be those who thought so. However, no girl’s capture should not be impatient . If you have three gems, you will lose normally. I lost in the first match .

Because it is a sexy puzzle game, it should be noted. There are four or more tips to victory, and the generation of S-jewelry. Furthermore, we are actively using the items that can be selected from four displayed below the screen.

In addition, with new items, skills, SCP Foundation, the collection is also released by clearing, and the collection is also released, so let’s do our best!

This is the reward time of this work! ?

As you proceed with the story, choices may appear in the conversation. This work is Multi-ending is adopted, and the story is branched with choice options. The progressing story can be confirmed from flowchart , and what you have not yet seen can be confirmed by rounding .

And in Chapter 1, the subject of the heroine is also determined by the choice. If you choose a choice, Heroine and snug and plus two people.

Decide your favorite one from six mini-games, and build a progress value that appears at the top of the screen!

And if the gauge accumulates….

A collection is displayed, and a collection is given. That’s it. Furthermore, let’s expect a radical scene to future updates….

Although it is a book that was not refreshed in various ways, I was able to experience the height of the quality in the early stages of development. And after all, the price of the same price as the previous work. A fixed price 205 yen is 123 yen until January 28th. Now you can play at the price of buying can juice. In addition, it is ranked in the first place of all over the world within 2 hours of release. As a result, it was also announced that the story mode is changed from all 6 chapters to Chapter 8. Also, even if it is full version, the price is deferred.

The point of playing, and I’m worried about the heroine is not N……, but a couple of times to fill the flowchart. I did not reopen the game from the middle, and I thought it would take time because I need to start from the beginning with the strengthening level and the progress of the story, but I was tended to take time… but with the update during this writing, I like it at any time It became like that can be started from the situation.

In addition, the player’s Heroine will not be removed so that you can download free swimsuit costumes . So there is nothing to say anymore! Let’s buy a gentleman who was worried now! !

Title: Mirror 2: Project X
Compatible model: PC (steam)
Release Date: January 21, 2022
Author play time for article writing: 2 hours
Price: 205 yen

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