“Moriken Story” to Nintendo Switch / STEAM to February 10 delivery. Deck build game to be warlord and “SLAY THE SPIRE” in the Sengoku period

Chinese Publisher Termite Games announced January 22nd to deliver Morin Monogastric on February 10th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display. The price is 1520 yen for the STEAM version, and the Nintendo Switch version is 1450 yen.

Morin Story is a deck construction type game. The stage is the stage of Japan and Senior. Sometimes General Thirds General, World of Tokugawa House. It is Okinawa, Sakura, Sakura, a fictional clash. After the Kong Ordinance, who told the era of the international council, the messenger sent to the Ships Castle refused. In addition, Rumor that Sakura, a castle owner of Morin, also closed Morin Castle. The main character is ordered as a great sight of Manage Yuri, and will infiltrate the Shogunate’s science as a science.

As a game system, facing the enemy in opposite form, selecting a card and fighting. Consumable consume an energy assigned for each turn, choose a card such as attack or defense. Players can select four jobs. Pinyin will use the gods and support the battle. Samurai is an aggressive type with a single shot killing mechanism. Monks have a unique mechanism of Zen and true word, which are responsible for attacking, and use a ninja, suffering and Shrike. Various cards are prepared by occupation, and the buildings will also change. It can be said that the game system and design are also quite similar to the popular deck construction game Slay the Spire.

As a proprietary element, there is a skill system that has a heaven, and skills can be acquired from skill tree. In addition, by calling the English spirit such as the warlords that had been real, such as Shin gen Takeda and Matsubara, it is possible to enhance temporary characters. Cards can be purchased from merchants anytime except during battle. Many elements to help players can be said to be one of the features of the same work.

In Steam, trial version is distributed and gameplay can be confirmed. It would be anxious about SLAY THE SPIRE, including UI and composition. It looks good to play and check the trial version how much unique to this work is.

Morin Story is scheduled to be delivered on February 10 for PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch.

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