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Digital Territory, Deputy Prime Minister, Digital Platform Government, Science and Technology – Center…

The main candidates are the main keywords of the science and technology ICT sector commitment that the main candidates are presented in the middle of the 20th presidential election. As a macroscopic policy environmental conditions such as Corona 19, digital conversion and global technology associates, candidates are pointing to a similar direction, but they also see a fine difference.

Since the launch of the channel of each candidate, the 1st commitment is the point of attention to digital conversion and science technology. In the time of conversion of technology and industry, the new leader is a result of the recognition that the new leader should present the national blueprint. In addition, the media field, including the game and virtual assets, such as games and virtual assets.

As the presidential candidate camp, science and technology ICT greetings participated, additional commitment is being developed, so the relevant commitment is likely to continue to develop. In addition, when the confrontation of the core confrontation, a new commitment announcement may be done on the election day.

Only the policy vision released so far, the measurement of science and technology governance changes and digital transitions are considered to be a major block in the commitment of the Science and Technology ICT.

■ Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Dedicated Organization, Chief Senior Secretary…

The science and technology argument represents the largest difference in the policy governance envision of the next government.

If you see the technical associative response, regional development, researchers, R & D, R & D, and Hang Joe Yang, there is a little different expression of the policy vision, while the policy vision is converging, while the science and technology government organizational system has a different perspective.

In addition to Lee Jae-won, the Democratic Candidate and AHN Cheol-soo, the National Candidate, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the decision of Soon Seok-yeol is a policy that puts the president of the Science and Technology Command Tower of Science and Technology in Cheng Wei DAE.

This candidate argued in the introduction of vice president of science and technology innovation, and nominal were named vice versa, science and technology. Beyond the difference in the name, this candidate is the position of the science and technology innovation units to be committed to budget rights beyond simple planning and enforcement.

Unlike this, the candidate is a policy that places science and technology in the center of the Government of Science and Technology, but in the center of the Government of Cheng Wei DAE,

Run Candidate is seeing the opposite to the deputy second, but it is planning to put a dedicated organization of science and technology in the Blue House. As we will significantly reduce the functionality of the blue west, the science and technology policy can be expanded to the president’s direct depending on the necessity.

Regarding the regulatory innovation organization, this candidate proposed a regulatory conflict adjustment mechanism for the presidential regulatory conflict, and the candidate was a commitment to the Prime Minister.

In addition, with a separate governance related to the cosmic policy, Lee Vietnam’s candidate is a member of the Space Industry Strategy Headquarters, Soon Suk-yeol, and AHN Cheol-soo, the airline covalent. While this candidate is coming to the installation area, such as Gangnam and Daemon, this candidate is a part of the presidential government, which emphasizes the scope of the president, unlike the individual departments of different candidates.

■ Digital Daemon… Data, Platform, 4 Child Industry Revolution

The policy vision of the presidential candidates for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field is focused on digital conversion and data importance. In particular, candidates associated with digital transitions are not in the reorganization of governance, but the points that lead to economic growth policies through industrial activation.

The candidate announced the growth of digital conversion with the first announcement of the first announcement by the first announcement commitment, announced that the digital barrier will be the opportunity for the economic leap. ▲ Deploy a physical institutional infrastructure ▲ Traditional industrial digital conversion and innovation start-up support ▲ High technology investment ▲ It is an idea to pioneer digital territory while presenting four strategies such as digital sovereign ensures.

Yun’s candidates suggested that we will build a digital platform government than concrete ICT commitments. The next administration plans to connect all the Bidders to a customized service government that handles the complaint administrative task. The Ministry of Planning and Finance, Science and Technology Information, and Industrial Normal Resources, and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Normal Resources, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry,

Inner candidates were dissolved in science and technology, which is a commitment that the ICT field policy vision is a G5 economic power entry strategy. It is characterized by the fact that Samsung Electronics Memory semiconductor business is mainly referred to as a large-scale strategy. Like the fourth industrial revolutionary response keyword in the last presidential election, the Candidate focused on regulatory innovation and Human Resources in this presidential election.

In summary, we responded to digital transitions, and this candidate proposed a specific ICT policy vision, such as digital embracing such as digital access, including intensive investment of human resources and intensive investment of infrastructure. Run Candidates have been able to have a design that requires high and administrative and public innovation, considering that it is necessary to convert to a platform economy, and inner candidates approached national survival strategies, including economic growth, under the premise of science and technology ICT.

If the policy vision associated with the data, the approach of each candidate is different. This candidate suggested a dedicated to data policy, and Run Candidates presented data-based administrative services through the Digital Platform Government. Another candidate focused on opening the country and public institutional data.

It is also noted that it focuses on the ICT field for human resources. This candidate has made a $1 million positive plans, and Run Candidate said, The inner candidates are the position of requiring 50 million positive core characters.

For individual policy measures, the commitment to the game and virtual assets sector is aimed at achieving certain generations. All of this candidate and Run candidate, and the candidate pointed out the probabilistic game item issue, and this candidate discussed P2E Games, Run Candidate, has made the game user’s regulatory relaxation. With regard to virtual assets, the issue of incentive and investor protection is common.

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