King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match a une bande

2021 is the year of the SNK, and the King of Fighters is in full swing. Match unlimited KOF 2002 finally got its PS4 port with a graphic redesign and redesigned capacities. This classic title includes a casting of 66 playable characters – the largest cast of all KOF game so far – including the non-Canon Nameless character appeared in the original KOF 2002. Yes, it’s his real name, which is not much more confusing than Kay-dash ‘. The game also offers much more fluid online features thanks to the addition of the restoration net code, so that online games and new online features will be more convenient than ever.

The new online features include:

◆ Rollback Encode

KOF 2002 UM offers an updated net code of restoration that significantly reduces the offset during the games. Players can change the settings to improve their experiences online.

◆ AOL Online Features versus

KOF 2002 UM includes online features that allow players to study their games and learn from their mistakes. These include the possibility of reviewing its most recent online games, options that allow victories / defeats and recharge times to prevent revenge after a quick fight.

◆ 2 unique online modes

Choose between Rank Match, where the results of the battles are shared and classified online, and Player Match, where fans can define their own combat settings. Beat to become the true king of players on the international scene! The world belongs to you!

If that’s not enough to convince you, check out the other setups and game enhancements:

◆ Graphics and BGM Rear

Each demonstration screen, kinematics and winning screen has been completely revised. In addition, the original band of the game has been remastered for even more intense matches.

◆ Many new and old trips added


In addition to new movements and special movements specially created for this title, many old movements return to KOF 2002 UM. In addition, the mechanisms of the game and the capacities of the characters have been redesigned.

◆ High upgrade MAX and MAX2 mode

Al the KOF 2002 UM desperation movements can now be canceled at any time via the Max Mode system. The ultimate max 2 movements are even more flashy and easier to use.

It looks like a recipe for a big fighting game for us!

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