General MMORPG “Ultimoneline” is the 25th anniversary! Thank you for the initial player

Broadsword Online Games has published the latest patch note “ Publish 112 ” of “ Ultimonline ” on the official wiki page.

“Ultimon Line” is MMORPG released in 1997, and is also called the originator of the genre. This year’s work to celebrate the 25th anniversary this year, you can see the latest patch notes related to 25 years.

According to patch notes, two rewards are presented to users who are playing for over 25 years, that is, β and players from the time of releases. The first is a special shield of “Hildebrandt Shield”, and the second is the title of “Founding Citizen of Britannia” in Britannia. Overseas media such as MassiveLyOp are guessed as if the 25th anniversary event is not mentioned.

In addition, it seems that “THE ROYAL TESTE TESTER SUIT OF ARMOR)” and “Friendship Rose”, etc., etc.

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