GTA V reaches 160 million units sold while RockStar prepares to pass page

In its presentation of results of the third quarter of fiscal year 2022, Take-Two has put new figure to the sales of Grand Theft Auto V : 160 million copies has placed the Rockstar game since its launch At the end of 2013.

This was in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but not all copies are hence, of course: the game came out in 2014 in the next generation of consoles, that of PS4 and Xbox One, and the following year on PC. On March 15, it will give another leap, this time to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, where Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, hopes that there are “many reasons to buy it” one more time.

These 160 million copies suppose a jump of 5 million compared to the figure that Take-Two gave in November: then they were 155 million.

With these figures, who would want to look forward? That concern has running video game fan communities for a while: The success of GTA Online, the authentic reason why GTA V has sold so much, it is usually guilty that Rockstar virked direction and leave aside the most traditional expansions From the mode for a player in favor of expanding the content of the multiplayer. Perhaps to temper the spirits, through Twitter the study has commented that the development of GTA VI, the new delivery of the series, is already underway.

“With each project, our goal is to go beyond what we have done before significantly. We are happy to confirm that the active development of the new delivery of the [GTA] series is underway, “is read in the message.

So crucial is GTA online at the current strategy of the study and Take-TWO that in an interview, published a few hours ago in Gamesindustry, Strauss Zelnick is asked about the possibility that he is still nonexistent GTA VI Canibalice GTA V sales and online gTA in new generation consoles; Somehow, we assume that GTA V can still sell several million a year for four or five more years, and maybe there is no reason to believe otherwise: after all, the game has been one of the main reasons for almost ten years of Take-Two’s growth.

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“You always have to be willing to be original,” says Zelnick in the interview. «You always have to be willing to give consumers what they want. At the moment you try to protect the past, you become irrelevant ». All in all, and although Zelnick hopes that whatever I can do Rockstar will be “just great,” the executive does not doubt that “the Grand Theft Auto catalog” will continue to sell well even if there is a new title in the market.

Returning to GTA V sales, those 160 million copies make it the second best-selling game in history, only overcome by Minecraft. On Twitter, journalist Jason Schreier gives some figures to put the millionae of Michael, Franklin and Trevor in context: The Assassin’s Creed Series has sold 155 million, and Final Fantasy, with its pullirone games and active since 1987, only surpasses GTA V for four million.

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