Top-100 best-selling games in Japan 2021: 75 are from Nintendo Switch

Nintendo lives in Japan one of the periods of greatest domain that are remembered since sales data is recorded. If during all 2021 it hgames been news that on more than one occgamesion 40 of the 40 best-selling games of the week were from Nintendo Switch now we know from the hand of famitsu the 100 best-selling video games of lgamest year in the country of rising Sun. A notable year at the Software Sales Level, with a total of three titles with more than one million units sold, but that above all throws a surprising fact: 75 of the 100 best-selling games correspond to Nintendo Switch .

So much so that the Top-10 only hgames titles of the Joy-Console, a symptomatic example not only of the domain of the SHUTARO FURUKAWA firm today, but also of the lack of attractive software for part users From PlayStation, which hgames traditionally been counted on three large bgamestions in its ranks: person, Dragon Quest (often exclusive or exclusive temporary) and Monster Hunter (in the glorious time of PS2 and PSP).

Monster, Hunter, Pokémon and Momotaro Dentesu, the leaders of Japan

Monster Hunter Rise, Bright Diamond Pokémon / Gluttering Pearl and Momotaro Dentesu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa Mo Teiban! It wgames the three best-selling video games of the year. To these we have to Sumar Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Ring Fit Adventure, Mario Art 8 Deluxe, Minecraft (Nintendo Switch), Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Party Superstars and Super Smgamesh Bros. Ultimate. games you can see, the vgamest majority did not launch in 2021, so Nintendo is getting your catalog to stay at the top games much games time pgamesses.

In total, Nintendo Switch hgames sold more than 23.5 million consoles only in Japan, while PS4 sold 7.8 million units throughout his life. PS5, on the other hand, accumulates from its launch 1.3 million units sold.

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