Egypt defeats Cameroon and is in the final of Africa

Mohamed Salah did not have to judge this time. Still in the second round for the Ivory Coast, the Liverpool attacker had transformed the last and decisive penalty. Again, he was scheduled for the fifth shot of his team – but that far it did not happen.

Although Salah did not ensure the last action of the game, with a Schlenz short next to the gate but after all for the first significant values ​​(9th). Otherwise, the game idea of ​​the North Africans went to bridge the midfield quickly, rarely up, even their star from the FC Liverpool hung over wide stretches completely in the air – as well as AbouBubakar, the top garter of the tournament.

Although Cameroon just presented himself in the midfield a tick quicker, but for the two by far the best possibilities of the entire regular season had to worry about a domestic defender: the former Germany-pro Ngadeu-Ngadjuj (Sandhausen, Nuremberg II) met with a header to Eckball Latten cross (19th) and struck completely freestanding after the following corner (20th). But out of the game, the efforts of the more active hosts mostly remained harmless, both teams also shied out the risk.

red after outraster: Egypt’s coach ensures the only highlight

That hardly changed after the second change, but now Egypt – also thanks to the substitution of Trezeguet – found better in the game. This also got onana for the first time: The Ajax Keeper held a header of Mohamed (46th) and then saved far before his gate in front of the broken Salah (57th). Cameroon was dangerous by Toko Ekambi after a free-kick (69.) and OUM Gouet at a distance shot (71.) at least approaching.

The game was completely balanced, but not very considerable. The pace decreased and the duel was increasingly lived from the tension. The most spectacular scene of the final phase was even an outraster of Egypt’s coach Carlos Qiiroz, who was involved in midfield with the liner, was no longer reassuring and finally saw the red card (90.). So the game continued without him on the sideline – and only a few minutes later, one of Queiroz’s assistants saw the yellow card.

Senegal ???? Egypt Highlights - #TotalEnergiesAFCON2021 Final

Tracked three times: Cameroon failed the nerves

The 0-0 after 90 minutes was ultimately only the logical consequence of a tired semi-final, for Egypt that already meant the third extension in a row. Although the viewers in Yaoundé were temporarily able to draw hope for a little more entertainment, as Salah (101.) and Mohamed (105th) promising opportunities for Egypt. But in the second round of extension, both teams stuttered only in the direction of the final whistle. Curios: Egypt’s Sherif was only replaced in the 106th minute and only twelve minutes later. The midfielder was not injured, but had to make room for penalty shooters Zizo.

He also turned the first to the record for the record winner – as well as his teammates Abdelmonem and Lasheen. More than three Egyptians did not have to shoot because Moukoudi and Lea Siliki failed to Abou Gabal failed and n’jie put the last penalty to the right next to the gate.

Even without a shot of Salah, Egypt has again been in the final of the Africa Cup for the first time since 2010 and meets the Senegal, which previously previously prevailed against Burkina Faso. So there is also the showdown of the two team colleagues from FC Liverpool and perhaps the best African footballer: Salah against Mané.

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