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X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd. was informed of the Holding of Valentine’s events in Thursday, February 3 (Thursday), for smartphones.

X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd. was held on February 3, 2022, and a Valentine event in the Ash Tale-Wind Continent- “for smartphones. Let’s put a daily feelings to the message and send it to the friend! You can also give an avatar to that person! In addition, “February-only BOX” that can challenge the acquisition of the Avatar “Eida” series of the rabbit’s avatar “Eida” series who wants to maneuver the plane! In addition, “continuous charge campaign” and “Mission Pass” also appeared! Please do not miss this chance that you can challenge luxurious rewards!


# Valentine’s Event “Confession of Love” Held!

Event “Confession of love” can give “Messages” and “Avatar” to those who are important in three ways. How about meeting the relationship with friends and guild members, as well as the companions?

Avatar “Love and Romance” (Women Limited) [Reprint]

Avatar “Love and Romance” (Male Limited) [Reprint]

Avatar “Pycaste” (Women Limited) [Reprint]

Avatar “Pycester” (Male Limited) [Reprint]

# “February limited BOX” appears in the shop!

I want to manipulate the plane Avatar’s Avatarian ‘s Avatar’s Avatar “Eida’s Pilot”, Head Equipment “Eida’s Flight”, Duck Airplane! Vehicles “Eida’s Duck Machine” appeared in February limited BOX! In addition, Avatar “Hicky Turtle” series that is perfect for snow play also reprinted and re-appeared.

[Sales period]
February 2 (Wed) AM 5:00
February 16 (Wednesday) AM 4: 59 (planned)

[Participation Condition]
Character level 20 or more

Avatar “Eida’s Pilot” (Women Limited) [New]

Avatar “Daida’s Pilot” (Male Limited) [New]

Head Equipment “Eida’s Flight” (Women Limited) [New]

Head Equipment “Eida’s Flight” (Male Limited) [New]

Avatar “Hicky Turtle Chan” (Women Limited) [Reprint]

Avatar “Hicky Kuramen” (Male Limited) [Reprint]

Head Equipment “Snake Knit” (Women Limited) [Reprint]

Head Equipment “Snake Knit” (Male Limited) [Reprint]

Back avatar “Bearboard” (Men and women) [reprint]

UNDERUSED TOYS (Fire Lidica, Celine pre-buff and Riolet) - Epic Seven

Vehicle “Eida’s Duck Machine” [New]

# Avatar Gacha

Avatar “Hanabe Green Green Noboro” (Women Limited) [New]

Avatar “Hanabe Green Green Noboro” (Male Limited) [New]

Avatar “Cat Witch” (Women Limited) [Reprint]

Avatar “Cat Creed” (Male Limited) [Reprint]

# Back avatar

Avatar “Candy Pony” (Men and Women) [New]

Avatar “Stable for Nagare Regression” (Men and Women) [Reprint]

[Sales period]
February 3 (Thu) 00:00
February 9 (Wed) 23:59 (planned)

Participation conditions: Character level 10 or more


Title Ash Tale-Wind Continent- (Ash Tail)

Genre | Drama Tic Action RPG
Price | Basic Play Free, Item Pillment System
Platform | App Store, Google Play, Windows
App Store | https://go.oneelink.me/appucp/440733b8
Google Play | https://go.onelink.me/app/155E0683
Official site | http://ashtale.x-legend.co.jp
Official Twitter | https://twitter.com/ashtale_info
Corporate site | http://www.x-legend.tw/
Remarks | It may be changed because it is an image under development.

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