Nintendo comments Microsofts big buybacks and Sony and is distant

Technology race with ever more efficient components, exclusive race with billions, Sony and Microsoft studios recounts over 20 years, Sony and Microsoft look at each other to try to prove to another He who has the biggest. Then the third and last builder, a certain Nintendo has for a very long time changed braquet in terms of strategy. It is at the same time the strength and weakness of the Kyoto firm who continues to work in his corner, with his way of doing things, his culture and especially his community. Sometimes pay (the Wii and the Switch), sometimes dangerous (the Wii U), this strategy does not seem to change an iota for the coming years, and the comments of Shuntaro Furukawa, the CEO of Ninendo, confirm this vision.

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Our brand has been built on products made with dedication by our employees, and have a large number of people who do not have the same DNA that Nintendo in our group would not be a plus for the company.

It is true that Nintendo is not a manufacturer who buys studios in arms, and the last redemption, that of Next Level Games in January 2021 was made after almost 20 years of collaboration and most of their production dedicated entirely in Nintendo. The two episodes of Mario Football, Luigi’s Mansion 1 & 2 and Punch-Out !! On Wii, it’s up to them. So you have to share the same philosophy, the same way of thinking and designing games to hope to be part of the Nintendo house.

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