“Very unsightly”: No Honor Grave for World Cup

Ironically, the deceased football legend Horst Eckel should not get an honorary grave in his home village Vogelbach.

“The Bruchmühlbacher community denies dad an honorary grave. I think that’s very ugly, especially as we would take care of the tomb. I just care that Dad gets this appreciation, because he has done a lot for Vogelbach, for all Germany “Said his daughter Dagmar Eckel the” German Press Agency “.

Eckel was died on 3 December last year at the age of 89 years as the last World Champion of the 1954 team, which made a historical success with the “Miracle of Bern”.

He was buried a few days later in the Bruchmühlbach-Miesauer Partort Vogelbach in the district of Kaiserslautern. Eckel, a narrow friend of the 2002 Captain Fritz Walter (both 1 FC Kaiserslautern), had become 90 years old on February 8.

“The local community as well as the association community administration has endeavored by all means and forces to enable Mr. Horst Eckel a graceful farewell to the cemetery in the district of Vogelbach, which has not incurred incurred,” Assisted Mayor Erik Emich on request. “Due to the significant deficit budget of the local community and the existing strict budgetary requirements of the municipal supervision, it has been decided in any case – in no case – about the assurance of voluntary performance in the form of a” honorary grave “.”

Eckel was recent player of the World Cup team

“The mom was also very disappointed, we were very disappointed as a family. That’s something that nobody understands. For us that’s not nice, we can not understand that,” said Dagmar Eckel. They wool fight that their father still gets an honorary grave.

Eckel was born in the 1300-inhabitant village of Vogelbach and lived there most recently with his wife Hannelore.

The external runner was at the 3rd 2-end margin about Hungary at 22 years of the youngest in the team of the legendary coach Sepp Herberger. The 32-fold national player was awarded the honorary citizen dignity in Bruchmühlbach-Miesau in 1998, after the municipal order she goes out with death.

“But even a non-honor citizen can get an honorary grave,” said Dagmar Eckel. You have received an invoice in the amount of 1900 euros for the lifting of the tomb, “I would also pay, but I’m just about the honor to face the respect for dad and that the grave remains.”

DFB honors Horst Eckel in the home town

On the day of Eckel’s 90th birthday (16:00 clock) should take place in the cemetery of Vogelbach, only a few hundred meters from his longtime residential building, a wreath laying place – in the presence of representatives of the German Football Corporation.

03-25-2008 - Study Session - Newport Beach City Council
In the evening (18:00 clock), an exhibition about Horst Eckel is opened in the Pfalz Library in Kaiserslautern. Also planned is a Horst Eckel-Gala (March 28th in Berlin).

In a room in Vogelbach Eckel had numerous trophies, medals and photos from his football time. According to his daughter Dagmar, the memorabilia has meanwhile been brought in safes outside the residential building. His jersey, his pants and the nozzles are loan in the German Football Museum in Dortmund.

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