Microsoft would have wanted to acquire Bungie before Sony

The purchase of bungie by Sony definitely took the world by surprise. Who were once an important part of xbox , now fell into the hands of the competition, however, it seems that there was a point where Microsoft was interested in acquiring this study, before it is Retal an official part of the PlayStation Studios. **

The Acquisition Wars of Gaming have BEGUN - Sony, Bungie, Microsoft and Activision

According to information about Jeff GRUB, that was subsequently reiterated by Direct-Feed Games, Microsoft was interested in buying bungie in 2020. Both companies were involved in different conversations, but in their Moment, Bungie I wanted $ 2 billion dollars and maintaining their independence, something than Microsoft did not seem at all. It was there when Sony saw the opportunity, and not only duplicated its offer, but allowed them to move forward as an independent study.

And before you start worrying, Destiny will remain a multiplatform franchise, although Sony will take the experience and knowledge of Bungie to apply it in its models of games-as-service.

Editor’s Note: It would be interesting to know what the future of Bungie would have been under Microsoft’s leadership once again. Surely they would have put them to work in the halo franchise, or perhaps in something completely different, but we will never know.

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