Eve Online, achieved Guinness New Ricks

The new Guinness World record was achieved by Eve Online. The players, known as “Henrique Aoles”, have been successful in exploring 7,805 stars in only 224 days, and set up a ‘Guinness New Rank for the fastest time’ ‘exploring all the best time.

On March 9, 2019, a player known as “Catia’s” achieved the achievement of the first person who explored all the anticogages implemented in Eve Online. He did not lose the ship, but it took 7,805 stars and took a time for about 10 years.

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And on September 13, 2021, Henrik Aoles visited the whole star at a tremendous rate and achieved the world record.

Henryk started his journey on February 1, 2021 and achieved a monumental consumption to explore all the starters without losing the ship in September 13, 2021, and only 224 days in 224 days. Henryk visited all Imperial Anti-Estevelies on February 6, and on February 15th, he arrived in the last antithmetic system in the Ahno Kiss, on September 13, and completed his journey.

For more information on this record, you can see it on the Eve Online Steam page.

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