Eve Online has just carried out his most epic battle so far as the war for supremacy is raging

Eve Online, the enormous online multiplayer spatial simulation developed by CCP Games, has become a monster during its 17 years since its launch. Now appreciated by about 300,000 players a month, the world of the game gives players the opportunity to define their destiny by assuming a number of roles ranging from mining to piracy, or perhaps by engaging in the war current for domination between two massive factions.

“World War Bee 2” is the conflict that is currently raging on the EVE Online server, between the dominant strength established Goonswarm, and the Alliance Papi determined to put an end to the 10-year reign of Goonswarm. The EVE community is known to be incredibly social, the reputation of the players being a major currency in the game. Both factions are directed by players determined to consolidate their heritage, the sadly famous head of Goonswarm, Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco, Seeking to keep control, while the Commander of Papi Vily seeks the total destruction of the Goonswarm faction.

The figures involved in this conflict are bewildering. While players can have multiple accounts, according to current estimates, the 50,000 fathers of Goonswarm are more numerous than the enormous strength of the PAPI of 150,000 men. The PAPI strikes the forces of Goonswarm for more than 2 months, but on October 4, a massive incursion into the original territory of Goonswarm marked an escalation of war. The PAPI tried to take footing by establishing “Keepstars” in enemy territory – these 160 km high monoliths allowed the PAPI to organize new incursions from the enemy territory. For Goonswarm, the stakes could not have been higher.

During the weekend, 2,250 followers of Goonswarm connected to defend their homeland against more than 5,000 Papi invaders. Against all odds, the guyswarm Asher fleet commander had to design a strategy to prevent Papi from installing his Keepstars. Asher had to mobilize nearly 500 bombers to eliminate the 2nd Keepstar, and they had to deal with the innovative defense of the PAPI using “Jackdaw” vessels to pull the bombs out of space. The battle had all the drama of Star Wars’s emblematic trench race, but it took place over several hours – requiring a real dedication on the part of the players.

Goonswarm finally managed to repel the tide of invaders. It took 14 hours, with a peak of 6,577 players involved at a time, and a loss ratio of some 3,765 vessels destroyed. Given the complexity of the actual global economy of Eve Online, this battle is of great importance for the balance of powers within the server community and players. Papi will not take the loss down though, another assault is likely – maybe with even more numbers!

THOUSANDS of Eve Online players just got SCREWED OVER by ONE GUY!

If you had to join the war, what camp would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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