This player visited all available systems in Eve Online

is March 2019. Player (KA) about “Katia Sae” nickname – after ten years after creating an account – visit all available systems in Eve Online and becomes an absolute legend of this March.

It is entered into the Guinness Record book, and CCP (game developers) build a virtual monument for her (below), which is to commemorate this amazing, Baa, a historical achievement.

EVE Online starmap all visited systems
If “Katia Sae” is an Eve Online legend, how to name the player “Henrique Arnolles”, which made the same exploitation, but in just 224 days.

In less than a year of playing, he reached all 7805 available stellar systems in Eve, without losing any space ship. No !!!

Capsuleer Henrique Arnolles Now Stands AS The Guinness World Record Holder for the Fastest Time Taken To Reach Each of the 7,805 Accessible Star Systems in Eve, Accomplisfing His Goal in A Blistering 224 Days!

Confirmation here .

CCP is under great impression of this achievement. Congratulations on “Henrique Arnolles”, entering him into the Guinness Book (as a new record holder), and at the same time launches a special function that will check and verify future types of records.

Because there is no doubt that a different pilot-player Eve online will appear, which will make the same in a shorter time.

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