Eve Online will welcome plex for a good campaign for the victims of the bush fires in Australia

Last updated there is January 9, 2020

As a result of devastating fires, eve online will host a new campaign event to collect funds for bushfire victims in Australia.

The fires that have raged in the country killed about one billion animals, at least 26 people, two thousand homes and burned more than 63 thousand square miles since September. The effects are devastating, and many industries and other companies, including video game developers, take note of it.

Eve online released the news on Twitter. The MMO space plans to lead a new campaign entitled plex for good. The Tweet continues to credit the EVE community that called the event.

Three Bushfires Merge to Create Mega-Blaze in Australia's Snowy Mountains
The announcement has not revealed any details. CCP, the mother company of Eve Online, will host the event, and more details will be unveiled next week.

Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online spatial vessel set located in the vast expanse of space. The game is free and, according to the site, focused on the community. Eve online allows players to choose their own path among “countless options”. It offers more than 350 space vessels to control and choose from, PVP and PVE options, spatial exploration, in a “constant expansion” sandbox. Players can choose from various professions and activities that include war, hacking, commerce, exploration and more.

The game has thousands of stars systems to explore and multiple community events. Prosperous servers mixed with the plex for good event should help provide a need for Australia. More details will be revealed next week, but it seems to be a promising campaign event for a good cause.

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