“Far Cry 6” DLC 3rd “Josephs collapse” is a mast if “FARCRY 5” player! Preceding play report

The series fan long-awaited “ FA Cherry 6 ” DLC 3rd “ Joseph’s collapse “! This DLC is a DLC based on “FA Cherry 5” and a formal sequel “FARC Newdoon”, and the “Joseph Seed” “Joseph Seed” that was Vilan is drawn. In the opening sequence, you can hear the “led voice” and fight.

God is watched! Then I will go to the final DLC play report!

# “Far Cry 5” and “Far Cry New Edoen”

This work is also adopted Log Like FPS as well as DLC, and the weapon seeds are not different, and the fundamental gameplay does not change with the previous DLC. However, since the map and mission are different every time, the game play experience is different. The difference is that different Villas are adopted every time, and this time “Far Cry 5” Villain “Joseph Seed” is the main character.

Joseph has appeared in dramatic introdictions in “FARCRY 5”. The world is the Lord of Cult Religion, where he is a Cart Religion, who is going to be broken when he arrived from that danger, he fly and he sings an Amage Grace and says “God is watching” I’m leaving…… There was an intense impact.

It is a series that has draws such him, and it is a special work. This is a series of primary successful men and “Far Cry 5”. This day after this, the world was destroyed… In the end of “Far Cry 5”, it was a kind of betrayal to players.

In “Farcay New Yuden”, despite the fact that the community was made under Joseph, it is regrettable that he did not do it, and his son is different from the end of the community I was chanting. Great relationship with his son, Joseph, such a background, is also reflected in this DLC.

# “Revelation” mission is a rich and second taste

The “idol” existing in a mission called “revelation” is to repair a huge Joseph statue. It is possible to make the meat with the image of the image and proceed by destroying it. The enemy that appears is “Judge” that appeared in “FACRI New Edoen”, and he was also a victim of Joseph. Besides that, the seed house is the eldest daughter and “Far Cherry 5” sounds the voice of “Face” that appeared as a middle boss, and the words of her miso resonate. And if you repair the statue, it is clear, but the aftertaste is bad.

In “Joseph’s book”, “My lifetime was a series of mistakes. Attached all of them, the time of all,”, and the mission message says, and the stairs to the huge Bible in the air It is the content that it will open the door ahead and talk with the seed home brothers, open the door ahead. While talking with the face with the face, while talking with the face with the face of “Far Cry 5”, while fighting the eldest son “Jacob Seed” that was the middle boss of “FAR Cry 5”, fighting To go. If you finish the battle, “I understand, everyone, you’re dead to survive,” said voice of guidance, and also a bad end of the aftertaste!

# “Memory” mission is fighting with sins

There are three “Memory” missions that are main missions. Everything is highly difficult and the cruces that can be obtained after clearing the final match.

“Hope County Prison”, “Hope County Prison”, which is reminiscent of “Far Cry 5” in the “God’s Justice” mission, says that it is an occupation using the power of the face. And the brothers are being caught in the prison, and you have to help al1. And while saying help, the brother is going to fight because he is going to be bad for Joseph. The battle can be enjoyed with hard. Battle is John, combat in a narrow jail line where it is a battle with face, a battle in a place like a courtyard, Jacob is an outdoor battle. If it is over, Joseph’s regret for your family is asked to get a piece of cross.

“At the beginning of the beginning” is the goal of “finding and destroying his own adverse effects”, and Joseph’s own career is a glimpse. If you do a battle, the goal of “entering the Church of Jerome” is raised, and if you actually enter it, huge tumors are not sticking to the church ceiling? He has come to a guilty, and Joseph is good, destroying the tumor, but Jerome does not accept. Because the pastor who was fit in the main part is a jerome. Finally, it became a battle with Jerome, and finally, I will appear as a phantom that I was a good relationship between Jerome and Joseph.

“I would like to use” in the voice of the guidance “It is a place where you will come out”, “New Eden” is “New Eden” and “Farclais his Newdoon”. From this, the time series will be after “FA Cry 5” in this DLC. However, in this mission, son in “FAR CHIRE Newdohn” appears, and now it is an interesting content that the future mixes. His son’s “Esan” is tied to the chain, and I am asking for help, but Joseph says “I am protecting you”. And I will pay the tumor of the meat attached to the chain, and at the end, Esan is a betrayal battle. This is also a quest with a bad end.


This time, “Amazing Grace” is flowing in the safe house where you can save anything other than progress. There is also a feeling that it is not forgiven at the same time, and I felt that it was “FA Cry 5”. Takedown is two of the “Bible in the Bible” that the takedown crushes the eyes! This is also one of the elements that can be felt “FA Cry 5”. If you try this, it seems to be a good DLC that you can not leak the essence of “Far Cry 5”.

And if you look back, it was a “family” to go to the DLC theme. Birth is my sister, pagan, daughter, Joseph is a brother-in-law. Since “FA Cherry 6” drew parents and children, it may be a request from the main story, but it was really painted by DLC. There was something that could be brought back again, such as the background and feelings I wanted to know.

I think that there is also a request from the game design, but the main character will be a statement that “repeatedly becomes strong”. This remark is also a longing forces, and I feel that the idea that Villall must be strong. In this condition, “Far Cry 7” is looking forward to installing more attractive Villas. Then, the reader’s all of you!

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