NO-HIT Relay Race: The Beth team wins a second edition full of emotions and inclusion

This weekend was carried out what for many has been one of the best events of the year for the Spanish-speaking community of _Gaming _ both for the given level and the important thing that has been for a community so “niche” : The No-hit Relay Race. Chusa Montero and Alexelcapo Meaning a competition full of level, laughter and above all emotions between the competitors and the most active players of the community. Throughout two days you could see the enormous level of Spanish speakers and the great love feedback by the _ fans _ that makes this community so special.

An extremely high level by competitors

First Day This weekend began with Dark Souls , on a weapon route take it as it began in Seath and ended up in Gwyn. The problem? You had to deal with the lunar butterfly, one of the most random heads of the game for its launch of magic. Finally it was Borjucto the best of the four after making several very clean and outstanding plays to put the “Beti” team ahead, although this would not last long.

Speaking of Bloodborne , the Run would begin with the Vicaria Amelia to end the Nodriza de Mergo, basically until the end of the game. It would be here when we would see one of the most spectacular moments of the night since Elvira Yuki managed to spend two heads of the game with the _dance pad _ , causing the madness and laughter in the chat of Chusa. Unfortunately she would take a blow but the respect and applause of the entire community will take him to the grave. The true winner was Vicaria , who made a spectacular tour and ended up without blows, as well as sending a message more than necessary for the current society: Rights for Trans and Non-Binary People. **

It would finally be the shift of Hollow Knight , one of the most expected games for the community for the enormous level that the whole community has had throughout this last year. The level of the four competitors was extremely high, so much that they left us one of the players of the night that you can see right above. VLADOS I would end up winning this discipline without receiving a single blow and ending the Hollow Knight in a legendary way. Pass and see the King of Hollow Knight in the Relay.

Emotions to leather flower and eternal love to from software

second day I could not start in the best way; Sekiro was one of the great expected and the route of it could not be another than the most difficult ending, starting and ending with the owl. It would be catalists the winner in a competition with nerves to the flower of skin and ending without blows against the demon of hatred, one of the Bosses more difficult to all the titles of From Software due to its randomness. Rada really showed us what the community means, talking to mime and passion from each of the Bosses of the game and the enormous love she has for them. People like him makes this community so passionate and affectionate with his games.

After this, the wonderful and stoned Dark Souls II would come, with each and every one of the participants, perfectly knowing the movements of each boss and their extremely accurate mechanics that must be had to get the Run. The Blue Foundry Demon would be the first boss to beat to finish in Aldia, an optional boss rather complicated and that has always been a headache for the no-hitters. would be Beth The champion of this discipline, getting So in the classification and situating your team in first position after a Run as clean as outstanding.

Last but not much less important we would reach the icing on the cake: Dark Souls III . Starting at YHORM and ending up in the unnamed king, it would be one of the most expected and difficult for the whole tournament. Tule returned to delight again after the withdrawal of him, while Luci and Coral gave a show yet having received blows; But the true winner of this discipline was Hemlocks , who ended the game without receiving a single blow and being the MVP of DS3 without a doubt.

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A healthy, fun community and above all inclusive

This ends one second edition that has far exceeded the first (without clear demetering is what was that) with great meaning. The Spanish-speaking community of Non-Hit has always been a step ahead of acceptance and will receive you with open hands , whether you want to get a Run as if you are a fan of these. It does not matter if you take a week, a month or a year, they will always be there to support you in everything you need and the skin will be left because the community is full of love and respect.

But if there is a message that the community wants to leave is that you are still welcome . The inclusion has always been one of the strengths of the community and happy enough to see that everyone means towards the same direction, where it will be treated with respect regardless of your orientation and gender. The Vicaria message at the end of your Run seems simple, but it is still necessary today to make a lobby as vilipendiad as collective trans and non-binary people. PEACE AND LOVE FOR NO-HIT.

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