Lee Kwang-hyung KAIST President “

“KAIST Science and Technology Medical Professional Graduate School will open the new way of research and start-up, not clinical.”

LEE Kwang Hyung, President of KAIST
The president of the Lee Kwang-hyung KAIST said at the first anniversary of the inauguration, “Science and Technology College of Medicine,” KAIST is a scientific and graduate school, “he said,” he is trying to raise other talents through other education, “he said.” I need a new type of educational system to raise my doctor scientist. “

The president has pursued a power establishment of a power for cultivate scientists after his inauguration. It is a structure that teaches a doctor to qualify for a medical course for four years for a general public graduate of the general public.

A physician scientist speaks a doctor with research capabilities, creating basic scientific performance and connecting them as a new drug or medical device development. In 1956, he started to be cultivated in the United States in the United States, and has recently leading medical biosynthesis, including about 40% of the academic winners of Nobel Physiology.

“There is no physician in the hospital to develop” biomedical fields to develop, “said the experimental practice in the hospital in the hospital, and now there is no doctor scientist who brokes engineering and medicine,” said the company said, said.

KAIST is a direction in which the doctors will enter the researchers, open the way to the researchers, and in the direction of providing research infrastructure to the research infrastructure, and the research infrastructure to cooperate with existing and universities. The president said, “After the KAIST is operating the scientific graduate school, he is aiming for a goal to the power of the science and technology, which is the first to expand its scientific graduate school.”

In order to adapt to the negative gaze that the cold source of a cold source is not a medical school graduate, the graduator is reviewing a regulation of regulations such as not working as a clinical physician who has been working as a clinical physician after graduation.

In addition, the president, as a business to focus on his remaining terms, the establishment of the New York Campus and Pyeongtaek Campus, and strengthening the KAIST Holdings, KAIST Holdings for technology business and establishment.

Through the establishment of the New York Campus, the aim of showing a wider world for students and expanding global entry. “If there is a difference between KAIST and MIT students, just dream difference.” However, it is difficult to discuss the face of the officials with Corona 19, and the establishment of the school and the establishment of the school and culture are constrained by the purpose of promotion. The Pyeongtaek campus is to raise a semiconductor core personnel through closely intended collaboration.

KAIST Holdings presented $ 10 trillion in corporate value of KAIST business companies in 2031, aimed at annual expiration of annual expiration of annual technology. In addition, the establishment of the establishment of the establishment support for Daejeon and Sejong,

The president said, “KAIST is exceeding the first stage rocket flight step,” It is time to need a two-stage rockocket lighting, “he said,” KAIST has to go to a new way to become a world’s first-class universities. The greatest achievement of one year later, “he said.

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