ÖFB buits around Bayern Munich Paul Wather

There are exciting weeks in the life of the Paul Wanner. The midfield talent celebrated his 16th birthday a day before the Holy Evening. On January 7 he debuted in the Bundesliga as the youngest player in the history of Bayern. After two other missions as a changeender he extended his contract in the record champion long term. Now it’s about the International Career Wanner, which can choose between two nations.

So far, Wanner ran in the German U 17, the father is German. Since his mother is Austrian, however, the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) is now effortless. Thus, after kicker information, even Franco Foda, coach of the a national team, should have signed interest. ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel confirms the fundamental interest in conversation with the kicker: “We have become aware of Paul last year and looked at him at the end of the year.” Like many observers, Schöttel (54) – as active a legend in Rapid Vienna and 63-Paligent National Defender – impressed what wanner showed his debut.

Now he is concerned with taking contact with Wanner and his family to get to know each other and the deposit of the ÖFB interest. This simply belongs to the job of a sports director, who has regularly deal with talents in Austria, which can play for two associations. Often these are in addition to Austria Croatia or Turkey. “Paul is an extraordinary talent, but we will not make actionistic,” says Schöttel, which makes an invitation to the A national team in March indirectly. Schöttel can realistically assess that the chance of wanners for the ÖFB is low. “I know that Paul has big goals to win everything with Bavaria and also want to become world champions.” With Germany this chance is much bigger. As an argument, Schöttel David Alaba can bring into play, which in Bavaria and now at Real Madrid, a world career is lying and playing for Austria. One stresses Schöttel talking again and again again and again: “On Paul, a lot of prettles a lot at the moment as a young player. I am mainly concerned with that everything expires seriously. But I have to do my job.” So he already had a conversation with Oliver Bierhoff, his counterpart at the DFB, with respect to wanner.

Paul Wanner Is Insane! Youngest Bayern Player Ever

well possible that wanner will be debut soon in the German U21

Since it is to be assumed that Wanner continues to run for the DFB, the exciting question soon arises, in which selection. For the U 17 he will no longer play after kicker information. Well possible, that he soon debuted in the U 21.

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