Niantic, Sony and AR audio collaboration will be applied to “Ingress”

Niantic.Inc (Niant) announced its real world AR content and Sony’s audio technology to sign a collaboration agreement to implement a new AR experience.

The contract was carried out to provide a more realistic experience by combining the technology of both companies, providing more immersive AR gaming and rich sound to users.

The AR acoustic field collaboration is the first to be applied to Niantic’s popular AR game ‘Ingring (Ingress), and will further announce the details and information.

Nakamura Hiroshi Sony Homentetrote Metropolitan Mut Matte / Sound Mobile Division is a “AR gaming experience to collaborate NiANTIC and AR acoustic fields that are important to the role of sound in AR gaming experience,” he said. ” I aim to convey it. I asked for a lot of attention to the new product ‘Linkbers’ released by Sony, today, “he said.

“Sony” Sony is a global brand with a variety of audio products and excellent audio technology, “said Sony,” Sony’s Audio Technology and Niantic AR Technology, and Niantic AR Technology, believe that it is simply beyond the level of AR.. We look forward to providing a higher immersive AR experience in real world. “

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