Sword Arts Meeting in VR Online, 22nd, Korea Landing

Online events that can directly experience the world of Japan’s popular light Nobel ‘Sword Art Online’, ‘Sword Art Online – X-Chronicle – Online Edition (Chronicle X Chronicle)’ event is finally held in Korea.


The child’s X chronicle is an experiential online exhibition event that Sony is hosted directly in the sense that ‘ In November 20, the first time in November 202, the event was held in Japan, and the Sony has been introduced in other countries in the form of a formal indispensation of the original fans. In Korea, we will be held from February 22 to March 11 for about three weeks.

The place where the pediatric X-chronic event is in progress is a virtual space that reproduces the world of origin, and participants can enter the vs headset, PC, and smartphones. The player will visit the exhibition hall, which is the main stage of the exhibition hall, which is the exterior of the wealthy Einxrad from the village of the origin of the original novel in the desire of the original novel, We will be able to go directly to the various backgrounds of dreams.

In addition, we also have a 360-degree contents that can be seen more vividly with ‘Sword Art online’ animation more vividly, and the 75th flooring of the 85th floor of the 85th floor boss. Most of the content can be easily participated in PC and smartphone users, but you must wear a VR headset to participate in the Skull Ripper Tobulation Content.

Currently, ticket sales are disclosed for those who hope to participate in the exhibition through the official homepage. The basic ticket that can watch the entire event with a PC and mobile device without a privilege product was 3,300 yen (about 30,000 won for about 34,000 won), and VR tickets were set to 3,800 yen (about 40,000 won). More information on events can be found on the official website.

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