US Tendo “Im planning to provide classic games in other ways” -Wii U / 3DS “Nintendo E shop” with FAQ

The other day, Nintendo revealed the termination of Nintendo ESHOP for 3DS / Wii U. According to the FAQ published at that time, it seems that delivery of classic games other than Nintendo Switch Online has not been planned.

On the FAQ page published on the official site of the US Tendo, “The masterpiece released in the past will not be possible by the end of service. Do you want to own classic games in other ways?” “Currently, the provision of classic games for other methods is not scheduled.” It has been identified by overseas media etc. The reason is unknown, but the statement is currently deleted.

How to play classic games in Nintendo platform is a family computer for subscribers, super Nintendo Nintendo 64 / mega drive for additional pack subscribers, and you can play more than 100 titles.

However, this service is not perfect, but also a title that has not been delivered to the Nintendo title delivered in the Virtual Console. Also, since it is a subscription service, it is not possible to own the game.

3DS / Wii U Nintendo ESHOP The termination of new purchase and play is still present, but as long as you see one sentence published, you can not expect much for the development of virtual console for the Nintendose switch. maybe.

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