GTAs online update gives players a free car


GTA online Weekly updates always give players a variety of discounts for different items, updates and other resources, but also occasionally give away one or two free items. Usually, it is a garment, but sometimes, as in the update this week, what the players get is a bit more functional. Enter the Weeny Issi, the vehicle that is given this week for whatever GTA online Players want it.

The Weeny Issi vehicle is not new, but for free is free. It is mentioned several times throughout the publication on this week’s event. GTA online Update with Rockstar focusing on it in several ways. First, if you wish, you will have to claim it this week at Southern San Andreas Super Cars.

«Everything GTA online Players can redeem a free Weny Issi this week through the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website,” said the ad about the free vehicle. “There are also discounts on other models of Issi, as well as in a range of bigger and robust vehicles.”

If you like what you see there after claiming the vehicle for free, you can see if you want something a little more sporting testing it on the test track. The Issi Sport along with a couple of other cars are presented this week on the test track.

“Maybe you have doubts about whether your personality will fit into a small Issi Sport,” said the general description of the update. “Do not worry, visit the test track at the LS Car Meet to try the Weeny Issi Sport, or you can try the truffhade Nero and the Dewbauchee Specter, if you want to compensate something completely different.”

The Vespucci Job, which presents the Weeny Issi Classic, also gives triple rewards this week, so you can assume that challenge during the next few days to collect the bonus. You will need that extra money to capitalize on the discounts available this week for different upgrades of vehicles as well.

“Equip your agency with a vehicle workshop, which has a 30% discount until February 23, gives access to IMANI TECH updates as the remote control unit or missile lock blocker,” Rockstar said. «This week, both practical updates have a 25% discount and can be applied to selected first-line vehicles launched as part of The Contract».

GTA online The last weekly update is now available on all platforms.

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