How to put a lift in Serenitea pot in Genshin Impact

While the concept of the staircase has not yet reached the art of creating a subspace, Serenitea pot is quite a modern gadget – so much that you can raise yourself (and friends!) To large heights in your kingdom, using a st1. elevator.

To get a great elevator, talk to the Tabby in the Serenitea pot and select Realm Depot. Go to the “Furniture Drawings” section on the left pane and scroll down until you find subspace cabochon: in soaring flight . Buy it for 240 Currency of the Kingdom .

Since this item is a drawing of furniture, talk to the tabby once again and select “Create Furniture”. Examine BluePrint, and then create it with x12 piece of white iron . It takes 16 hours to create, but you can make it instantly using Fial of the Adept speed . Uposmal Cabochon: In the soaring flight will give 90 trust in its first manufacturing.

Place the subject in your kingdom, clicking the icon of interactive objects in the courtyard in the furniture placement menu. The elevator will raise you after a few seconds after stepping on it, and after a few seconds it goes down. The cycle will be repeated until you get off the elevator.

Genshin Impact Place 1 Furnishing Set Serenitea Pot
As soon as you come down from the elevator, it will naturally go down, so you are, in fact, you can not climb the elevator from the second floor to the first. However, for Sub-Space Cabochon: In Soaring Flight there are no placement restrictions, so you can place a whole bunch in your kingdom.

Familiarize yourself with our leadership on how to get the kingdom in the style of Andzuma in the Serenitea pot in Genshin Impact to enjoy the view of the trees of Sakura.

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