April 21 Released “Power Pro 2022” New Mode “Power Park” outline is released today! !

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has published an overview of the new mode “Powerful Professional Baseball 2022″ (Nintendoswitch (TM), PlayStation (R) 4), which is scheduled to be released on April 21.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has published the outline of the new mode “Powerful Professional Baseball 2022” (Nintendoswitch (TM), PLAYSTATION (R) 4), which is scheduled to be released on April 21, published today.

The new mode “Power Park” can use the original players grown in different modes to challenge online matches.

A new sense “baseball” online match mode is looking forward to the new sense “baseball” online match mode.

# “Powerpark” Overview

# # Theme park where original players gather!

A place of new successors of the original player created in modes such as “Success”, “Power Festival”, “Crown Nine” appears!

At the theme park where players across the country gather, an attraction that can enjoy the new sense “baseball” online match is opened easily!

Mascot Character Wonder (right) and Happy (left) guide “Power Park”!

# # Attraction first bullet “Sushi Survival”!

The first to be installed from the release date on April 21 is “Sushi Survival”.

The rotary sushi is the motif attraction, which chooses the plate of the opponent and wins the speed game.

Not only teams made by other players, but also the “Success” team and professional baseball team will flow! Original Stadium “Kaiten Sushi Dome” is also! ?

# # Add an attraction with update!

We carry out update to add new match attractions after opening.

A “Power Coro Corosium” will be opened with “Powerful Royale” and a “Powerful Royale”, who aimed at the top of the 64 teams in an automatic game, and the “Power Coroco Corosium” will be opened with a challenge to the top of the 64 teams in an automatic game!

Classic mode such as “crown nine” “Power Festival” is also powered up!

Details are published on the official site “Coco” page! Package visual is also released!

# “Powerful Professional Baseball” Series

The “Powerful Professional Baseball” series is a baseball game representing Konami Digital Entertainment, which has been entertained for over 25 years since he was born as a home game in 1994.

In 2014, we have started delivery of mobile games “Real Powerful Professional Baseball” equipped with “Success”.

A total of 23.6 million sales of household games is ¥ 23.6 million (as of the end of September 2021), and the number of mobile games downloads is over 46 million download (as of February 2022).

Title: Ebaseball Powerful Professional Baseball 2022 Manufacturer: KONAMI Release Date: Number of Players: Nintendo SwitchTM: TV Mode 1 to 4 People, Table Mode 1 to 4 People, Mobile Mode 1, 1 Player, 1 Player JOY-CON1 Books PS4 (R): 1 to 4 people (1 to 2 people at Online) Hope retail price: Normal version (package / DL) Nintendo SwitchTM / PS4 (R): 8,250 yen Powerful edition (DL ) Nintendo SwitchTM / PS4 (R): 10,450 yen rights notation: Japanese baseball mechanism approval Japan professional baseball speech meeting official recognition Japanese professional baseball OB club official public baseball frame Franchise Stadium Reproduced floor-standing billboard, principle As a 2021 professional baseball pennant season, we are producing based on data. JAPAN Baseball Data Co., Ltd. is a self-collecting JAPAN Baseball Data Co., Ltd., and may be different from the official record. Regardless of the means of offering information, it is not prohibited to replicate, transfer, sell, etc. without any purpose ALL OTHER COPYRIGHTS OR TRADEMARKS ARE ARE USED UNDER RESPECTIVE OWNERS ARE USED UNDER LICENSE. NINTENDO SWITCH logo Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo. “PlayStation”, “PlayStation” and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Ebaseball” is a registered trademark of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (C) KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT reader Contact information: Customer consultation room TEL: 0570-086-573 ※ Weekday: 10: 00-18: 00 (break: weekends holidays)

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