GTA Online: All Bonus and Discounts from February 17 to 23, 2022

This week in GTA Online you will be well associated with Franklin Clinton to direct a solutions agency for celebrities, since that will give you access to the most pointing technology that exists, especially if you install a vehicle workshop, because that will allow you * make use of IMANI technology in certain high-end vehicles * included in the The Contract expansion.

The good news is that this type of workshop is of offer and will cost you 30% less than usual to install it, although it will not be the only thing you will find during the week from February 17 , as we go to Review in the following guide.

All bonus and discounts from February 17 to 23, 2022

Podium vehicle

The visit to the Casino The Diamond Casino & Resort is mandatory if you encourage you to try luck in the Roulette of La Fortuna, since this way you can get clothes, dollars, snacks or the fat prize: ocelot penetrator . A British sportsman who will be envy of everyone who sees you to pilot him down the street.

items to get free

Speaking of cars, during these days there is a couple that you can add them to your collection without having to pay anything for them . You just have to follow the steps that we indicated in the following guides if you want to get them:

  • How to get free car Truffade Nero
  • How to get free car Ween Issi

Rewards and additional bonuses

Something we love every week are the bonuses that apply in certain game modes. Thanks to it it is possible get more rewards than normal , so until Wednesday do not lose the opportunity to play all this:

GTA Online │ Weekly Discounts & Bonuses │ 17-23 February 2022

  • Competition car races : Those who love piloting vehicles at full speed and demonstrate that they do not have any rival to the wheel will get triple rewards.
  • Tall Releases : Something similar happens in this other way, although here you will compete against the stopwatch if you want to schedule double dollars and points of reputation.
  • Escorts and Partners : The streets and criminals abound, so executives need someone to protect them and escort. If they hire your services, you will win twice as much money,
  • The Vespucci Job : Police patrol cars face the tiny Weeny Issi Classic in this way, depending on your side, it will take you to catch the little car or leave the police behind and arrive before They to the goal. Whatever happens you will take you triple dollars and reputation points.
  • Sales of vehicles to export : The most skilled pilots who steal cars and manage them output in the export warehouse will receive double dollars and points of reputation.


In addition to doing free with the Weeny Issi, as we have already told you before, there are other cars from the same brand that are offered, although they are not the only ones. Very attentive to All offers this week:

  • Annis elegy retro custom – $ 678,000 (before 904,000 dollars, discount of 25%)
  • Benefactor BR8 – $ 2,720,000 (before $ 3,400,000, discount of 20%)
  • Enus Jubilee – $ 1,155,000 (before 1,650,000 dollars, discount of 30%)

  • Pegasi FCR 1000 personalized – $ 137,200 (before $ 196,000, 30% discount)
  • Progen Itali GTB – $ 832,300 (before 1,189,000 dollars, discount of 30%)
  • Progen Itali GTB personalized – $ 371,250 (before 495,000 dollars, discount of 25%)
  • Progen PR4 – $ 2,812,000 (before $ 3,515,000, 20% discount)
  • Truffade Nero – $ 1,008,000 (before 1,440,000 dollars, discount of 30%)
  • Weeny Issi Classic – $ 252,000 (before $ 360,000, 30% discount)
  • Weeny Issi Sport – $ 627,900 (before $ 897,000, 30% discount)


All those who are subscribed to Prime Gaming will have a good weight reason to connect during these days, because the simple fact of entering the saints after linking the account with the Social Club of Rockstar Games will serve to get $ 100,000.

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