GTA Online: Community celebrates selfless Samaritans for players

Also in the warring world of GTA online there are still real heroes: a player shows in a clip on Reddit, as he brings another AFK gamer selfless of attacks of others – and is celebrated by the community.

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The handling forms in a public lobby in GTA online are not exactly squeamish. Who goes there afk, is usually attacked in no time, without having to defend themselves . A good-hearted player now shows that it is different – and gets great praise from the community for his selfless did.

GTA Online: Player saves unknown

Reddit User Satebelloob has shared his good deed on Reddit and gets a lot of exciting. In the video you can see how he transported another player who is obviously AFK on his car – and parked in his own garage , so that he is protected from the attacks of other players.

With 4,800 upvotes the clip is extremely popular in the GTA online community . Commentators are especially done, how careful satellite looks to bugulate the movement and helpless players on his buggy into his garage. The clip represents only a small section, according to satellite satelle – he had to transport the AFK player over a considerable distance.

  • “I love how tender you did that lol.” ( Reddit User Cinesister )
  • “That’s really the nicest action I’ve seen in this game so far what honest behavior op bravo.” ( Reddit User Cheque_It )
  • “It’s nice that not every AFK player hunts in the air” ( Reddit User AdiMondi )
  • “What a gentleman.” ( Reddit User Remarkable_Career_88 )

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Grand Theft Car: Community celebrates heroic

With the selfless action User satelle has in any case made a few new friends – and proved that it is still good deeds even in the harsh world of GTA, in which everyone is fighting for themselves alone.

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A selfless Samariter has saved an AFK player in GTA online and harvested for his action from the community to Reddit Great Appeal. The user has simply loaded the unknown player on his buggy and drove carefully to his garage.

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