“Mister Ernst Hubertyschau” Ernst Huberty becomes 95

Ernst Huberty is already a television legend during his lifetime. For many decades, the TV presenter and reporter, whose trademarks had been the striking “folding peak”, and face of the ARD during his active time. On Tuesday Huberty completed his 95th year of life.

The anniversary also feels pretty fit at a high age – actually. Only recently, “has the doctor rang and brought me the evaluation of my blood values. He says I would have the values ​​of a 30-year-old. I just wonder: how do I share this my body?”, Huberty said humorous in the interview The “picture on Sunday”.

Inertia is a foreign word for Huberty until today. “So swim, as often as it works. Walking, because of the fresh air. And I have such a bicycle gem at home. I can see so beautiful,” he stressed.

When the first Ernst Hubertys show of the ARD went over the station on June 4, 1961, he was already there. The black and white picture of that time is just as legendary as the people that shows it. In the middle Huberty, left next to it Dieter Adler, right addi furler. Around 15 million football fans gathered at the Ernst Hubertys show in front of the TV.

ARD Sportschau Ernst Huberty 20.2.1982

Actually, Huberty wanted to go to the Feuilleton when he started in Koblenz with journalism. But it went to another direction. The Ernst Hubertys reporting was his great passion. “Mister Ernst Hubertyschau” they called him, he was without if and however. Every kind of show was alien to him. He said the important thing because the unimportant is what it is: unimportant.

Legendary use in the World Cup semi-final 1970

One of his legendary reports was the 1970 World Cup semi-final thriller between Germany and Italy, when Italian legionnaire Karl-Heinz Fördinger from AC Milan in the last second with his goal forced the extension. The “Excluded Fastinger!” Huberty is unforgotten. Only this hit enabled the incredible extension with five goals and the happy 4: 3 victory of the Azzurri on the selection of the German Football Corporation.

Huberty made himself after the end of his ARD career – an incorrect expenses led to his out – as “coach” many well-known today’s TV moderators. His credo, which he always put his “students” on the way, he betrayed the “Bams”: “They do not work in a television studio. They work in a living room. You have to try to get into the living room of people. “

This is Ernst Huberty in his reports always succeeded!

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