Ubi Soft Rainbow, Influenza Competition Content Retan held

Ubi Soft said the “Retan” Competition Contents, the FPS Rainbow Six Extraction, said on the 22nd of 7:00 on the 22nd.

Retonation is a total of six Rainbow Six Influers communicate with viewers and conduct competitive missions. Participants have teamed to escape in protocol mode of Rainbow Six Extraction, and the victory team will be awarded a prize of 3 million won.

First, ‘Crocodile Team’ is a team leader, “Silk” and ‘You’ team, and the ‘Pingman Team’, the ‘Pingman Team’, the team leader, “Pingman” and ‘Agui Ping’, and ‘gravity’ is a team. Both teams will offer a different fun of Rainbow Six Extraction with the unique tactics and wit.

Six Invitational 2022 // Playoffs – Day 4

Retonation can be viewed on Rainbow Six Korea official YouTube and Tweet Channels and the personal channels of each inflationary, and the official channel is the relay of Shinil, Kim In Young, and Nambong, who are the representative relay of Rainbow Six. In addition, we will also present a rich gifts such as Rainbow Six Extraction Korea Edition through Live Events and the like to watch the fans.

Last January, Rainbow Six Extraction provides a wide range of end content, three times a wide range of 12 times more than 3 times more than a wide range of 12 missions, 13 mission types, and 90 new weapons, and more than 90 new weapons, I am receiving.

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