GTA V continues to raise the bar for him

Take-Two confirms GTA V more amazing statistics

According to Take-Two Interactive, Grand Theft Auto V has just known its most successful year since its launch in 2013. In a recent call for quarterly results, the publisher confirmed that more units of GTA 5 had been sold in the 2020 calendar only in any other year. Except for 2013, with sales greater than 140 million units. They also confirmed that GTA Online had more players each month in 2020 than any other month since its launch, showing the continued potential of GTA’s online experience. GTA V is available now for Xbox One, PS4, PC, previous generation consoles and a new new generation version is en route later this year.

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Not only did the players flock to the Grand Theft Auto series more than ever with GTA V, but GTA Online retained more players in 2020 from one month to the next from one year to the next. Participation in game modes, events, etc. From GTA Online has grown only according to Take-Two Interactive, with veteran players joining Nobies to celebrate more GTA content to explore. GTA Online’s revenues also continued to rise throughout 2020, Take-Two noting an increase of 28% year-over-year for the quarter.

At the recent call for Quarterly Take-Two Interactive results, the publisher confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 was also a success. The latest album of the Red Dead Redemption series has officially sold more than 36 million units around the world, and Red Dead Online has seen more players in December 2020 than ever since the launch of the 2018 beta version. The publisher also confirmed that NBA 2K21 officially sold more than 8 million units, while Borderlands 3 sold more than 12 million units.

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